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Methods To Keep You Always Motivated


Human beings are creatures of ideas. The human mind works tirelessly to produce one idea or the other that is geared to the longevity of the species or otherwise. Whatever the motive behind the idea, creatives always encounter the issue of how to stay motivated past the inertia of an idea.

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In a YouTube video, Oladimeji, an Instagram creative shared how he stayed motivated regardless of what was happening around him.

  1. Find A Priority

Most people are unable to achieve as much as they are capable of achieving because they have not yet set priorities for themselves. When you set priorities, you know what should have what percentage of your time. Knowing what is important increases the ability to get the work done.

  1. Cut Down The Excesses

Now, you know what is a priority to you, cut down the excesses. You only have 24hrs in a day and 24hrs is not so many hours to waste on the unimportant. Find the important elements of your life and thrash the unimportant. Unnecessary weight distracts. Cutting down the excesses may include people, as much as it pertains to things. The point is, at some certain times, people can be in excess.

  1. Set Boundaries

It is of utmost importance that to stay motivated you must set boundaries. Boundaries do not hinder creativity, rather, boundaries create a safe room for creativity the thrive. Boundaries keep away bad energy, draining conversations and every other distracting factor. It also keeps invaluable relationships that spur one to achieve all that one intends to achieve.

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  1. Focus

Focus is staying on a single course of action until you hit the oil well. It is leaving other bright ideas and researching on one until you find your niche. It should be a given that you focus on what is important to you.

However, with the rate of distractions all around. It is almost impossible to get work done. For you to stay motivated, one has to be intentional about creating a focus on whatever goals one has set out to achieve.

  1. Pace Yourself

Now that the ball is rolling, you might be tempted to go all the way but one must learn to pace. Pacing is important because it allows you to take a breather and revive energy. Continuous work can wreck your health. Pacing allows one to find new inspiration to stay motivated.

Staying motivated is almost an impossible task if one should consider all that goes on in the world. However, it is important that to become all you want, you must learn to stay motivated, regardless of the odds against you.

It does not also matter if there is external motivation in form of applause or hypes, a creative must be determined to self-motivate until that dream becomes a walking reality. Life has much goodness to offer as much as it has distractions to derail. Every creative must first motivate themselves before they can motivate the world.

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