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MOMS’ CORNER: Slow Down and Enjoy Life

My Baby

I recently had to rush my little baby to Child Emergency, an experience I never want to go through again. As I sat beside the cot watching the doctors attend to her, hour after hour, all I did was pray for the time to fly so we could return to the safety and comfort of our home. Suddenly it hit me, and I asked myself, ‘isn’t there a thing to learn in all of life’s experiences?’

Looking back now I realize how impatient I have been with life; always in a hurry to fly through every phase of life. First, I couldn’t wait to get into Secondary school, and then I couldn’t wait to get into the University and after that, get married and have kids. In my mind, once I was married, I would slow down and finally enjoy life. Alas! Here I was married with a child and all I wanted was to be pregnant again, and when that happened, all I wanted was for days to fly so I could hold the baby in my arms. Now I have three beautiful daughters, and I can’t wait for them to grow up so I don’t have to do so much work. Of course, they would grow up faster than I think, and I will start waiting to be a grandma and on and on and on.

What a waste! I don’t want to live like this any more. I am going to SLOW  DOWN AND ENJOY every phase and season of my life, my Hubby’s life and my children’s life. I’m going to love and enjoy motherhood with all its ups and down, and I’m going to be thankful for the privilege of being here, in this skin and in this Country at this time.

My First Three

All I want to say is this; Mothers, life is precious and sweet so enjoy everyday, enjoy motherhood no matter where it takes you today. Truly live, remember they grow and once this season of your life passes, all that remains are Memories.

My Five Lovelies!

I should mention that I wrote this in 2007 when I had 3 children aged 5-1 years old before my 2nd generation of children showed up. Now I have 5, aged between 15-3 years old. And yes I still breeze through life waiting for when they will grow and I will finally rest. 😀

Please just slow down and enjoy life, no matter how simple or complicated it is. Enjoy.




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Ifeoma C. Ik-Obi is a lawyer and a member of the Nigerian Bar Association with over thirteen years’ experience. She is a certified etiquette trainer and has facilitated trainings geared towards the development of Children, Teens, and Organizations in understanding the fundamentals of etiquette and good communications skills. An avid enthusiast of the arts, she is also an interior decorator and well... a writer of course. A wife and mother of five lovely children, she personifies work-life balance and believes her role as a wife and mother tops all other roles. She loves reading and gardening.



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