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MOMS’ CORNER: Surviving the Waiting Room

You know how we all go to either a doctor’s waiting room or a chief executive’s waiting room? Yeah, we all, at one time or another, have found ourselves waiting. What we do while in that waiting room is so crucial. Some of us read up about our situation and how we can get through it, others watch the people who don’t seem to stay for so long and their waiting ends, and sometimes we get upset and even become bitter with them, while the rest of us get impatient and leave before it gets to our turn.

I have been in God’s waiting room before too, hoping for a child. Might sound strange to a lot of people who don’t know that part of my life, afterall I have five children now. But after 3 babies who came back to back, I had secondary infertility and found myself in that room, where no one ever wants to be in.

After about 5 years, my miracle happened and my wait was finally over or so I thought. Some weeks down the line, I lost that baby, and to say I was devastated was an understatement. I remember being in church weeks after and all I wondered was how He could let this happen to me? Fast forward 10 weeks later, I had a swimming healthy baby growing in me. Yeah, yeah I know you’re trying to do the calculation, but in DH’s defense, he was just trying to comfort me.

At 20 weeks (5 months) my water broke and that pregnancy almost ended, but God kept her safe and 33 plus weeks after conception she was born with no deformity whatsoever. I had her right there on the hospital bed while having a conversation. Grace brought her forth. Then 3 years later, her brother, my only son, showed up, defying every contraceptive in place.

While in the waiting room, there are things I would have done differently, but there are other things I do not regret because they have collectively made me the person I am today. So if you have found yourself in a waiting room, God’s or any other, remember it will get to your turn. Maybe not how soon you planned it, but it will get to your turn.

If you are believing for a ring, a baby, a job, the health of a loved one, don’t stop believing. You might get upset when someone who just showed up gets their answer, but not for too long. I’m still in God ‘s waiting room as I had a procedure sometime this year, but I’m not yet comfortable to talk about that now. Maybe someday soon.

While waiting, pray, praise, have a support group who can stand in the gap when you can’t, read up about your situation and pray for someone else, but remember, no one stays in a waiting room forever.

It will end in praise.

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Ifeoma C. Ik-Obi is a lawyer and a member of the Nigerian Bar Association with over thirteen years’ experience. She is a certified etiquette trainer and has facilitated trainings geared towards the development of Children, Teens, and Organizations in understanding the fundamentals of etiquette and good communications skills. An avid enthusiast of the arts, she is also an interior decorator and well... a writer of course. A wife and mother of five lovely children, she personifies work-life balance and believes her role as a wife and mother tops all other roles. She loves reading and gardening.



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