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Monday Motivation: How Attitude is Responsible For the Results you Get



Attitude is everything. How? You will understand at the end of this article. When motivational speakers speak and they motivate you to be the best that you can be, what they are trying to do is keep you positive and keep you believing that you can be and achieve the best if you believe it. But how does believing that you can be or do something affect the results you get?

If you understand the boomerang effect, you will understand how attitude directly affects results. Our attitude is our personal boomerang which brings back to us what we give out. So, when we express enthusiasm, offer a smile or help someone in need, we get the same in return. Likewise, when we project frustration or spread untrue rumors, we get the same in return. In other words, what you choose as attitude, whether positive or negative, is what you express and is what gets returned back to you.

Our attitudes are influenced by our thoughts. Our thoughts are the way we CHOOSE to interpret our world which directly influences our beliefs about the world. When we ask ourselves whether the world is a good or a bad place, the answers we give ourselves shape our beliefs about the world. Our beliefs directly influence the words we once again CHOOSE to speak to others and to ourselves. Our words becomes a reflection of our commitment to ourselves and to others, and our commitments tend to influence our CHOICE of actions. At the level of our actions, the results we achieve are influenced and it reinforces our thoughts, starting the cycle all over again.

We should note here how our attitude is directly proportional to the choices we make in our thoughts, words and in our actions. Our attitude therefore is not something that is out of control; it is something that can be managed. Also, understanding that the reinforcement of a particular attitude will eventually result in the forming of habits that might be very hard to break away from will push us to start evaluating attitudes that might hinder growth, positive reinforcement and results.

How then can we coordinate our attitudes so that we get positive results every time? Once we are able to manage our thoughts, words and actions, we will be able to influence our beliefs, our commitments and eventually the results we get. Our thoughts, words and actions are the choices we make consciously or subconsciously and they in turn affect our beliefs, commitments and our results.

Since our attitudes are decided at the level of our thoughts, how can we coordinate our thoughts so that affect our attitude positively?

1. Choose your view: We allow our views about the world to be shaped for us by our experiences and this is most times done for us subconsciously. To manage and to become aware of what our thoughts are, we need to start choosing how we think about them and how we interpret them. The truth is, our interpretations will either affect our future success by limiting it through negative thoughts or enabling it through positive thoughts.

2. Check your focus: Create your luck by always checking your focus. The truth is in what Henry Ford has said: “Whether you THINK you can or you cannot, you are right.” In other words, you get what you think. Those who are successful are those whose focus has put them in a place where good things can happen. What we focus on becomes magnetic and draws itself into our lives. By focusing on the positive, fun side of life, it is inevitable that it becomes your reality.

3. Control your input: The mind collects all input whether good or bad, therefore your mind can be your greatest ally or your worst enemy. We pull into our lives what we constantly think about, and the mind is not in the position to help you sift out which input is good for you or harmful to you; that job is meant for you to do. So look out for positive inputs and you will improve your chances of producing positive outputs. Filter negative inputs to minimize the ‘dirt’ in your thoughts.

The truth is in what Henry Ford has said: “Whether you THINK you can or you cannot, you are right.”

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