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Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation: Value

The one many people desire but also seem to take for granted always must be value. Many times, a person’s worth is in his value. Quite simply put, the most sought after of persons anywhere you find yourself are the most valuable, and the fact that they are sought after is an indication of that value. Value is usually depicted by different factors such as status, salary package, position etc.

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Value is intrinsic to everything we do as humans. The value derived from a thing, place or situation usually determines our level of commitment or tolerance for it. The most relatable and prominent indicator of value is usually money. The amount of money you get paid in a place of work is usually indicative of the value your employer places on you. But, there are other indicators which are tied to wealth somehow anyway. They could include status or position. Value is usually earned somehow. The value a person has at any given time is earned some way or another. If you are earning salary in a white collar setting, then the reason you are being paid is tied to the value you earned from getting a university degree. Typically, the responsibility that is committed to you is a pointer of the value you possess.

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So if there is anything you take away from this little epistle, it should be this: seek aggressively to be a person of value. Get that masters, take that online course, learn that skill, watch those DIY video on YouTube and seek to be more productive each day or better yet add more value to your output. It would cost time and even money but you see, eventually, it would pay off. It is called self-investment and you can never go wrong with it. People of value are never short of friends or acquaintances and when you grow in value, you will become someone people gravitate towards.

So go and be a person of value. Be intentional about your personal growth and make no bones about it.

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