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Motivational Monday: Avoid Excuses

“The ideal person bears the accidents of life with dignity and grace, making the best of circumstances.” – Aristotle

Uhmm … excuses, excuses, excuses! When would I ever grow out of it?

We have a million reasons for not succeeding in life, but not one good excuse.

Without doubt, we will undergo or have undergone inevitable challenges: sicknesses, heartbreaks, financial instability, deaths etc. While these are reasons to quit, none of them can make a strong case against our dreams, desires, plans or what we stand for as human beings.

It would be a tragedy if we allowed excuses have a perfect landing on our lives, causing us to give up on our earnest expectations.

Make up your mind this week to avoid excuses that would hinder your productivity.



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About the Writer: Ugo Okafor is a HR manager at Platform Branding.



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