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Motivational Monday: Winning Slow and Steady


It’s the last Monday of January in 2016. For certain reasons, some people do not pride themselves with making New Year resolutions. But for those who do, it’s January’s last Monday and you would be likely to measure your progress so far. However, when progress seems a far cry, it’s only necessary you give hope a chance as you watch big things rise from little steps you take. Here’s why you should believe in a persistent slow and steady.

Quite contrary to what many think, food cooks faster in steam than in boiling water. This is because, steam, being over a hundred degrees Celsius, is on a higher temperature than water at boiling. So you may want to reconsider setting your tempo at how fast you want to hit your resolution scale. Slow persistent progression with a purpose in mind is better than the fastness of the proverbial hare that had lost the essence of the race.

Secondly, it could take a bird over a hundred journeys of collecting twigs for building its nest. With this in mind, it doesn’t give up until its nest is completed. Little consistent everyday actions will yield great goals in the long run.

What is more, running a marathon is a test of stamina, not speed. Looking at your objective from this perspective, you will be much more interested in your development in the process than in saying that you have arrived. After all, our resolutions are only a means to seeing that we become the person we want to be everyday of our lives; of themselves, no true resolution is an end.


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