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Movie Review: Mr. and Mrs.

mr and mrs


It’s the weekend, whatcha gonna do? If you don’t want to go out to see a movie you can rent or purchase one, and lucky you, ‘Mr and Mrs’ is available on DVD. Released in 2012, this lovely romantic movie directed by Ikechukwu Onyeka and starring Nse Etim Ikpe and Joseph Benjamin has had so many great reviews online that it would be mean of me not to let you know it’s out there.

No voodoo, no problems from the village, just your average, new money, young couple with challenges. Susan Abah is a successful LLM qualified lawyer turned housewife by marriage. Her husband Kenneth seems not to remember who she was when he first married her, now she looks like a house help, and sounds like one too. Susan’s ray of light is her friend Linda (Thelma Ojiji) who encourages her to live her life. When Susan compares her marriage to her friend’s, she realises she has to stand up for her rights, and her stance leads the couple to a divorce lawyer.

Watch the divorce proceeding unfold as the husband’s mother (Barbara Soky) puts her own public officer’s wife ‘image is everything’ flavour into the mix. And try not to forget the friend with the better marriage, and how she manages to keep it all together.

While it made me think of the American movie, Mr and Mrs Smith (title similarity, and quite a few other things too), the story came close, and then casually wandered off on its own tangent that was a relief and pleasure at the same time.

So get the DVD, sit back, get some popcorn and drinks, dim the lights, laugh and learn some of the intrigues of marriage.


Director: Ikechukwu Onyeka
Producer: Chinwe Egwuagu
Cast: Nse Ikpe Etim,Joseph Benjamin, Barbara Soky, Thelma Ojiji, Paul Apel, Chioma Nwosu, Mpei Mapetla

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Chojare Pamela Agboga is a Legal Practitioner, Writer, Editor, Chartered Secretary and Administrator. She is currently working on her first novel 'Weekends are for Loving' as well as a devotional for women.

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