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NIGERIA At 59: Top 10 Patriotic Songs Of All Time

From the beginning of the Nigerian union, citizens have expressed their emotions in a variety of ways. Some have taken to writing, others have decided to stage protests, some engaged in riots, wars, while others settled for music.

Music is a powerful tool for any kind of communication; communicating with oneself or an external body. Music embodies powerful information or emotion and conveys them to an unrestricted number of people. These emotions and information permeates the mind of whoever listens and probes it.

Throughout the history of Nigeria, music has served as a form of therapy, to heal from political trauma, to praise the beauty of the land we possess, to criticize the ills of the Nigerian society, to remind us of all our potentials as a people, and to promote peace, love and unity. No matter the tone or mood of these songs, one thing is constant and that is the patriotic standpoint of the singers.

Below are the top 10 patriotic songs of all time in no particular order:

Which Way, Nigeria?

This song was sung by Sunny Okosun, of blessed memory. In this song he expressed his love for Nigeria and his dissatisfaction towards the trajectory of Nigeria since independence. He says, ‘Many years after independence we still find it hard to start’. He listed some problems and also proffered relevant solutions to the problems.

Great Nation

Great nation by Timi Dakolo is arguably the most soulful and optimistic song about Nigeria in history. The song carries so much passion that it can break the strongest of men and give hope where it is lost. Timi Dakolo lays emphasis on our unity as Nigerians. As he says, ‘Though we are many people, different tribes, different tongues, we’re united in our strength and resolve’


Greenland by TY Bello was released in 2007 and paints through music, a picture of Nigeria as a place of fertility and abundance.

One Love


One love by Onyeka Onwenu is a track in the 1991 Golden Song Volume 3 album.

Lift Up Nigeria

This song by King Sunny Ade preaches unity between all the tribes in Nigeria. It is a call to every citizen, tribe and religion to come together and work for the progress of Nigeria, as it is the only place we have as home.

Let’s Live Together

Let’s Live Together by KUSH was released in 2009 and it resonates with every Nigerian. It took a Wazobia pattern in delivering its message.  One key message from this song is, ‘Our strength is in our diversity’.

Nigeria Go Survive

Not many people can boast of knowing or remembering Veno but more than a handful will remember this iconic tune, Nigeria Go Survive. It was released in 1985.

This soulful and patriotic song by Naija Ninja, Sound Sultan lays emphasis on the importance of not forgetting your roots.

Nigeria, My Beloved Country  

Funmi Adams gathered children together to profess their love for Nigeria. Trust me, listening to this song alone unearths the hidden love you never thought you had for Nigeria.

Song Of Unity

This hymn like song was performed by Nigerian leaders, comprising of: the current vice-president Yemi Osinbajo, past Heads of States, Yakubu Gowon, Olusegun Obasanjo, Ernest Shonekan and former Vice-Presidents, Ebitu Ukiwe, late Alex Ekwueme, and Oladipo Diya.


Legit ng

Pulse ng




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