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Opportunities For Developing Your Skills In Nysc


NYSC is a much-anticipated event in the life of every graduate. The programme is filled with many drills as well as many opportunities for young graduates to network, find resources, and platforms that they never otherwise would have accessed.

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The opportunities for developing skills in NYSC are boundless and topmost among them are;

  1. Subsidised Courses

NYSC offers opportunities for young graduates to partake in subsidised courses at affordable prices. These courses enable fresh graduates to have the necessary certificates and skills for the labour market. They grant an additional advantage to graduates during interviews as it shows that there is an intentionality about taking up opportunities wherever it is found.

Majorly, these courses are granted by the large institutes which partner with the government so that greenhorns can access the skills necessary for the labour market. It is important as a young graduate to look into these opportunities and use them to develop the skills that are priceless in the long run.

  1. Learn Vocational Skills

As a fresh graduate, NYSC offers opportunities for fresh graduates to learn skills with their SAED programme. This programme contains a host of various hand skills that young graduates can learn to even better their pre-existing skills. Acquiring these skills enables them to become self-sufficient individuals and not wait for the government to provide jobs.

The skills that are available in the programme range from tailoring to carpentry to animal husbandry just to mention but a few. These skills are lucrative and are also in high demand in the large market and this is especially true for agriculture.

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Once you attend the SAED programme and have a good handle on agriculture, it opens the door for loans from an agro-allied bank and other supporting industries. This helps to further strengthen the skills presented in the NYSC SAED programme.

  1. Social Networking

Social networking is a soft skill that the NYSC intentionally moves to provide via its platform. The idea behind bringing diverse people from different cultures to an orientation camp is for these young individuals to network. This would ultimately lead to developing interpersonal relationships with people from all around Nigeria.

This soft skill is highly profitable in organisations to enable all employees to work as a team because teamwork gives the best work. It is important that young graduates give their best to the team and do not try to hide from work. By getting active in NYSC, one actually develops the interpersonal skills of social networking which its importance cannot be overemphasised.

While these are all important for young graduates, it is also important to develop the skills of commitment. That is to say, every place one finds oneself, they must be continually committed to the cause. This is the spine that holds the NYSC and enables young graduates with the necessary skills that prevent them from being overwhelmed by the nature of the labour market.

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