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  • BUSINESS pop

    How To Secure A Business Grant In Nigeria

    By 27th July 2021

      Business grants are funds provided by private or public sector organisations for businesses at various...

  • Opportunities pop

    Up To $100,000 Investment Available In The UNICEF Innovation Fund Program 2021

    By 27th July 2021

      The UNICEF Innovation Fund is seeking startups using Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and...

  • Politics pop

    Sunday Ighoho: What Benin Republic Is Teaching Nigeria About The Rule Of Law

    By 27th July 2021

      It would have been hard to believe if anyone predicted decades ago that a small-sized...

  • Did You Know? pop

    Did You Know? 5 Meals That Can Be Prepared With Coconut Pulp

    By 26th July 2021

      Wastes are everywhere around us, a daily part of our lives. Most of our daily...

  • CAREER pop

    Some Of The Best Ways To Acquire New Skill In Your Industry

    By 27th July 2021

      Change is a constant characteristic of life, covering all aspects of human endeavours. This means...

  • TECH pop

    Apply For The GameUpAfrica Bootcamp

    By 26th July 2021

    Gaming has evolved from a simple way to pass the time to one of the most profitable...

  • BUSINESS pop

    Could The Nigerian Workspace Etiquette Be Dead?

    By 27th July 2021

      A productive company depends a lot on the company’s culture. Not just the do’s and...

  • Food pop

    Recipe For Coconut Flakes

    By 27th July 2021

    On our menu is coconut flakes. This snack was one of my childhood favourites. It’s absolutely...

  • Discover Nigeria pop

    Women You Should Know: Farida Mohammed Kabir

    By 27th July 2021

    Farida Mohammad Kabir was born in London, UK, on the 25th of July 1992. Coming from...

  • Men pop

    Nigerians In History: David Obadiah Lot

    By 27th July 2021

    It is no news that Nigeria has produced an array of religious leaders. From the mainline...



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