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  • U.K. Band called Goodluck Jonathan

    By 14th June 2011

    When the name Goodluck is mentioned, we picture Nigeria's President, let alone adding Jonathan to it....


    The 2011 Economic Report on Africa

    By 14th June 2011

    The 2011 Economic Report on Africa, produced by the UN Economic Commission for Africa and the...

  • NEA Awards 2011 Nomination Party, Themed: Casino Celebrity Night

    By 14th June 2011

    The Nigeria Entertainment Award (NEA Awards) is an annual event focused on recognizing the many contributions...

  • TECH

    Connect Nigeria in the News: One Click at a Time

    By 13th June 2011

    Nigeria, a country with such great potential and near limitless resources that is yet to take...

  • CN Bio Feature: UK Based Cynthia Mare

    By 10th June 2011

    Going by her impressive performance and accommodating personality, she sure would very easily break even in...

  • Save Money While Building Your Career

    By 10th June 2011

    The programme has been created to incorporate proven coaching and training methods which include practical simulations,...

  • World Bank Supports CBN’s Cashless Banking Policy

    By 10th June 2011

    Although this has created a lot of anxiety from general public and stakeholders, the senate committee...

  • Kanye West signs D’banj/Mo-hits?

    By 9th June 2011

    "Just like yesterday myself and my brother did Tongolo. 7yrs later Mo'Hita signs with Good Muci....

  • Hair Loss Prevention 101

    By 7th June 2011

    Though men like to think that they'll have a full head of hair well past their...

  • Dana Air Launches Fly ‘N’ Ride Promo

    By 7th June 2011

    Dana Air is set to launch a new promo which will see one lucky guest of...

  • 6 Ways To Wear A T-Shirt

    By 7th June 2011

    Whether they’re timeless or trendy, to find out which T-shirts should be in your wardrobe right...

  • The Thing About Shaving

    By 7th June 2011

    Shaving correctly, while using a good razor and shaving gel or cream, will ensure a clean...

  • CN Exclusive: Mode9, (modenine) Nigeria’s supreme lyricist, is Back!

    By 6th June 2011

    He is tall, dark, good-looking, and animated. With a charming smile and a sense of humour,...


    By 6th June 2011

    The TOUCH OF GENIUS (T.O.G):2FACE IDIBIA TRIBUTE held atScintilla on May 28, 2011 was put together...

  • Uncategorized

    Misleading Investors in our Society

    By 2nd June 2011

    There is a serious problem in our financial system that has caused pain to many and...

  • Nigerian native builds fashion house in USA

    By 2nd June 2011

    Nere Emiko – a Nigerian has quietly built a fashion house step by step in the...

  • Uncategorized

    Venetian Blinds

    By 1st June 2011

    Venetian blinds give rooms a very high contemporary modern outlook, especially when its fixed with matching...

  • Beauty

    Caring for Your Makeup Brushes

    By 1st June 2011

    The applicators included in most makeup are simply not up the job, blush brushes are usually...

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