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Photospeaks: CN Writers’ Conference 2019 In Pictures

The Connect Nigeria Writers’ Conference 2019 edition was held last weekend, 21st September 2019 at Seedspace, Parkview Estate, Ikoyi, Lagos. The conference was themed The Business of Writing: Translating Writing Into Money and was indeed a refinery where raw materials were put through to the path of excellence. Professional writers of different capacities were available to shape minds and perspectives.

The speakers shinked out experientially, various analysis of their time so far as writers; the black and white of professional writing. On the part of the participants, adherence to key guidelines or rules and regulations religiously spelt out by the various speakers should be key to great writing success.

The Workshop Session

The conference commenced with fiction and poetry workshops that held simultaneously from about 8am – 10am. The fiction workshop was themed, Writing and Breaking Even and handled by Sally Kenneth Dadzie.

Sally Kenneth Dadzie

Also, the Poetry workshop was themed, Poetry and Breaking Even by Efe Paul Azino.

The Panel Session

The panel session commenced immediately after the workshop session and it was categorized into four with our very own Williams Uzomba as the anchor.

  • Editing/Publishing with Oghenekome U Ozoro and Abegunde Sunday as the panelists.
Oghenekome Ozoro
Abegunde Sunday
  • Professional Writing: Journalism and Business Writing had Arukaino Umukoro, Awele Ilusanmi, and Joey Akan as members of the panel.
Joey Akan
Awele Ilusanmi
  • Creative Writing: Poetry, Fiction, and Non-Fiction was dissected by Sally Keneth Dadzie, Vangegh Begah, Chioma Ngaikedi, Jerry Chiemeke, and Olu Balogun.
Chioma Ngaikedi, Olu Balogun and Vangegh Begah,
Williams Uzomba, Nnenna Okeke, Jerry Chiemeke, Chioma Ngaikedi, Olu Balogun, Sally Kenneth Dadzie, Vangegh Begah and Ibiene Bidiaque
  • Content Writing: Scriptwriting had Dare Olaitan and Tomilola Adeyemo on the panel.
Tomilola Adeyemo and Dare Olaitan

The 2019 edition of the writers’ conference was also very much advantageous because it served as a networking field for people of like minds to actually come in contact with each other and share ideas.

Connect Nigeria’s Editorial Team

The Connect Nigeria writers’ conference 2019 edition may have come and gone but the memories, testimonies, and experiences will linger.

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