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Poem of the Week: Dressed but not Fine

Actress Lynn Whitfield. Photo credit:

Actress Lynn Whitfield. Photo credit:

Today is exceptional, I know,

My dress is new, clean and well-designed,

I rarely wear it, and it is mildly expensive,

I saw myself in the mirror and complimented me,


I am properly dressed, looking good, but not fine.

My car developed a costly fault and

Our organization’s Management has talked about layoffs,

My Nephew is sick, and my friend is having marriage storms.


My night was short, mostly awake, and with REM sleep of the worst,

I have been thinking, I have been wondering,

I have been wishing, I have been Sad,

I am resilient, but no strength for this time.


Neighbours have said I look good,

Someone has asked ‘How Are You?’

People I encourage should not see me depressed,

I am dressed, it’s a cover-up, but I am not fine.


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