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Recipe For Boiled Groundnut


Boiled Groundnut is one of the traditional snacks enjoyed in Nigeria. It is different in taste and texture from roasted groundnut. But while the latter is a year-round snack, the former is a seasonal snack that is usually found in abundance during the rainy season.

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At this time, you can either purchase the raw ones in the market and boil them at home, at your convenience, or you can simply buy already boiled ones from mobile vendors. But the best thing about boiling groundnut at home is that you get to control the taste and the texture of this traditional snack.

Before I share today’s recipe with you, please open the shell(s) of one or two raw groundnuts; take note of the colour. The reason for this will be explained later on.


Raw Groundnuts



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How To Prepare

Wash the groundnuts thoroughly to get rid of sand. Put some water in a pot to boil. When it comes to a boil, pour the groundnuts into it. Stir the pot and cover it. When the content of the pot starts boiling again, add salt to taste. Then, cook the groundnuts for about ten minutes.

When the allotted time elapses, scoop one or two groundnuts out of the pot and open the shells. You’ll notice a difference in colour between the raw ones and the cooked ones. (Can you now understand why I asked you to take note of the colour of the raw groundnut?) Oya, add salt to it and let it boil for at least two more minutes. Now, taste the groundnuts. Let me mention at this point that the taste and texture of the groundnut are completely dependent on you. This means that you can add more salt and even spices like ginger to your groundnuts if you prefer. It also means that your groundnuts can be soft, crunchy or strong if you like. I prefer my groundnuts to be crunchy, that’s why I cook them for ten to twelve minutes. However, if you want yours to be soft, you can cook it a bit longer. When you are satisfied with the texture, turn off the heat and transfer the groundnuts into a sieve to cool. When it’s done, serve and enjoy.

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