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Recipe For Coconut Fried Rice


If you’ve never heard of this food before, my dear, you are not alone. I didn’t even know it existed until a few weeks ago when I decided to make coconut rice that was not business as usual. I had all the fresh vegetables except tomatoes. I didn’t want to use tin tomatoes.

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As I stood looking at the ingredients before me, an idea bloomed in my head. I considered it, saw its potentials and decided to experiment. Halfway into my cooking, I decided to surf the internet to see if this food was as new to others as it was to me. Alas! I discovered that a lot of people had tried and confirmed Coconut Fried Rice as a delicacy.

Coconut Fried Rice has the look of fried rice and the taste of coconut rice. It’s best prepared with fresh coconut milk. I hope you find this food as delightful as I did.




Coconut Milk

Vegetable Oil


Scotch Bonnet Pepper


Green Pepper

Green Beans

Sweet Corn

Green Peas

Fresh Pepper

Seasoning Cubes


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How To Prepare

Rinse and season the chicken with onions, minced garlic and ginger, curry, pepper, thyme, stock cubes and salt. Marinate for at least thirty minutes. Cook on medium heat till it’s tender. Take the chicken off the heat and put some vegetable oil in a clean saucepan. Set it on medium heat. When the oil heats up, fry the chicken till golden brown. Scoop them into paper lines sieve and set them aside for later use.

The next step is to prepare the vegetables. Then, scrape, rinse and dice the carrots. Deseed, rinse and dice the green pepper. Peel the onions, rinse it and the scotch bonnet pepper then dice them. Set all the ingredients aside for later use.

Rinse the destoned rice several times till the water is clear. Parboil the rice, afterwards, rinse it and leave it in a sieve to drain out the excess water. Pour the chicken stock and the coconut milk into a pot large enough to accommodate the quantity of food that you want to make.

Add curry powder, thyme, onions, pepper, seasoning and salt. Then, allow the mixture to boil. When it does, add the parboiled rice. Stir the content of the pot, taste and adjust seasoning if need be. Let me mention here that the liquid should not be above the rice. It should be either at the same level as the rice or slightly below it. Cover the pot and allow its content to cook until the rice is soft. Take it off the heat.

Reduce the oil in the saucepan that you used to fry the chicken and place it back on medium heat. When it heats up, add the green pepper, green beans, shredded coconut, carrot, green peas and sweet corn, curry, thyme, seasoning cube to the pan. Stir fry for a minute then mix the vegetables with the rice until they are well combined. Cook on low heat for a minute and turn off the heat. Serve your delicious Coconut Fried Rice with chicken, salad, or fried plantain.

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