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Recipe For Groundnut Soup


Groundnut  Soup is on our menu today. This soup is well-loved in Edo State and in parts of Northern Nigeria. Amongst the Igbo, however, Groundnut Soup is not popular. But then every day is not for Egusi Soup or Ogbono Soup. Since life gets boring without adventure, those who have never tasted this soup should try it.

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For today’s recipe, I used already roasted groundnut. If you have raw groundnuts and you don’t know how to roast them, click on this link.


Assorted Meat (Beef, Kpomo and Shaki)

Ground Groundnut


Dry fish



Scotch Bonnet Pepper

Palm Oil

Bitter  Leaves

Seasoning  Cubes


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How To Prepare

Clean the shaki then rinse it and other meat thoroughly. Shaki will take some time to tenderize so start cooking it first. Soak the stockfish and dry fish and debone them when they are soft.  Peel,  rinse and dice an onion. When the shaki starts to curl, add the kpomo, beef,  stockfish and dry fish to the pot.  Also, add the onions and stock cubes to the pot and cook till tender.

While the meat and fish are cooking,  clean the pepper then blend it and the crayfish. If you bought pre-washed bitter leaves, taste it now.  If it’s too bitter for you, rinse and boil it to get rid of the bitter taste. Use the dry mill blender to blend the groundnuts smoothly.

When the meat is tender,  scoop them into a clean bowl and leave only the meat stock in the pot. Pour the blended groundnut into the pot and mix. Use the cooking spoon to break up any lump. Cook on low heat while stirring as often as possible to prevent burning.

When a thin film of oil appears on the surface, add palm oil, the blended crayfish and pepper, the already tender meat and fish, seasoning cubes and salt. Stir well and continue cooking on low heat till the soup starts boiling. Taste the soup and adjust seasoning if need be. Stir in the vegetable. Turn off the heat. Serve with any swallow of your choice.

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