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How to Recover the Contacts of a Lost Phone

Prior to the advent of the BlackBerry and Android phones, we relied on copying out contact details into diaries or saving them in sim cards. Did you hear of most stories associated with people pleading with thieves for their sim cards whilst their phones were forcefully taken from them? Well, those days are soon out of site. Thanks to the smart device cloud services like Android’s and BlackBerry’s that have got our back. Even if you do not backup as often as you should, you can recover updated contacts with this guide. Please note that these, however, are preemptive methods which mean you have to do them before, we hope not, your phone gets missing. This is what you should do.

Sync your contacts. Once you get online, ensure to sync your contacts. Even if your phone is stolen or starts misbehaving, you will be able to access your contacts using your email. Google  provides an excellent service for this. Be sure to enter the Gmail username and password you used in setting up an account with your Android device. You will find all synced contacts on your account. If you do not get to be regularly online, set your phone to sync contacts automatically to ensure that your contacts are restored to the last synced version. When you get a new phone, all your contacts are sure to be restored.

In fact, this doesn’t end with your contacts alone. You can restore even pictures, songs, videos and document once you sync them via a cloud service.

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Adeniyi is a freelance writer and journalist, radio freak, news junkie and budding photographer. He writes on tech, tips and travel for Jovago. Connect with him via Twitter @sleeksavvy.

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