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roHealth Gives You Access To The Cheapest And Best HMO Plans In Nigeria


There’s a lot to gain from having a health insurance plan. Signing up for one with a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) could enable you to receive medical prescriptions and treatment at a cost that’s lower than what you’ll pay if you didn’t have the plan.

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But HMO plans aren’t all the same. Although, HMOs have been a popular option for employers and employees looking to save money on health insurance, still not all HMO plans are alike. Coverage details—and the costs associated with them –may differ across providers.

Seeking out an offering that’s best for you can be tedious, as there are many options available. There’s another problem: employees are often stuck with the HMO that their company uses, and can’t choose one for themselves.

The solution to these problems would be a platform for diverse health insurance products, where employees can choose a plan that meets their needs, without putting their employer in a tight spot financially.

And that’s exactly what roHealth provides.

Built as Nigeria’s first marketplace for healthcare, roHealth gives its users access to a range of HMO plans from several providers, giving employees the chance to choose a healthcare plan tailored to their health needs. Businesses can also fix a budget for plans so that their staff selects one of many options that fit within that budget.

roHealth was founded by Olalekan Olude, an entrepreneur with an impressive track record. Following a stint at Goldman Sachs in London, he co-founded Jobberman, Nigeria’s foremost job board. He’s also worked with Ringier Africa, which operates leading digital marketplaces on the continent.

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Olalekan brings this wealth of experience to bear on roHealth, which exists to link people with cost-effective health insurance plans. The platform serves businesses of all sizes, ranging from startups to large corporations.

roHealth is steadily developing into a broad meeting point for the public and their preferred HMOs. There are currently more than 20 providers on the platform, so employees have a lot of options to choose from. Partner hospitals number over a thousand, and there’s coverage for more than 50 common illnesses.

There are benefits for employers as well. Besides being able to set a maximum cost for plans accessed by their workers, they also enjoy flexible payment schedules. Fees may be paid either monthly, quarterly, or annually. They can even reassign coverage to a new employee if one leaves, so premiums aren’t wasted.

The journey from registration to selecting a plan takes just three steps. First, businesses sign up and onboard their employees. Next, they set their budget for HMO plans. Finally, employees select the best health plan within the budget. There’s no paperwork required, and no locked-in contracts; users can switch plans at any time.

You can access the roHealth platform via its mobile app (downloadable from the Google Play Store), or its website.

If you would like to find out more about roHealth, click here.

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