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Shoemaking Business In Nigeria: Getting Started


There is this common notion that shoes made in Nigeria (aba made) are inferior to the foreign ones imported into the country. This is typically wrong, as some industrious individuals who have ventured into the shoemaking business are delivering quality products. Their foreign counterparts are even the ones that sometimes wear out easily due to the fact that our soil does not support some materials used in crafting these shoes.

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Nonetheless, shoe making business is definitely a field you can consider if you are looking to startup a business. If you are willing to start one, let’s dive right in. And even if you aren’t decided yet, I hope this article convinces you.

  • Decide Your Niche

The first step to starting a shoemaking business or any business at all is to decide on the niche; the area you would want to focus on. Although, ‘jack of all trades’ can work in some places, niching down always does the magic. There are different types of footwear- cover shoes, sandals, slippers, leather and rubber wears. It will do your business good if you decide early enough the exact kind(s) of footwear you want to make. This will help you know how much you need and the materials for procurement.

  • Get Trained

Once you’ve decided on the niche to focus on, the next important thing to do will be to get trained in that area. Before undertaking any business or project, you can’t displace the need for proper training. That is what determines your effectiveness in the long run. Search for a notable shoemaking company or individual where and who you can learn under. This will give you the footing you need to start, as you will be able to garner valuable experiences and lessons.

  • Write a Business Plan

A business plan is a document that details your business, processes and management. It is typically the framework of your business. Such information as your business location, assets, expected revenue and expenditure are usually included. Before you finally get to start your business, draft a plan which will serve as a guide on your operations.

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  • Get Capital

This is where many people tend to fold their hands and sulk on their inability to generate capital for their businesses. However, I believe there are better options these days with online banks giving collateral-free loans. You can also explore other loan options and decide what works best for you. If you have personal savings or people, you can source from, better for you. You just need to know that you obviously need your seed capital to finance your business.

  • Determine Your Business Location And Equipment

After you must have raised funds for your business, the next thing is to get a location for your business. Note that you will have to put environmental conditions into considerations. Position your business where your customers can reach you. You don’t expect to go into one remote area with bushes to get a store, you need a developed and assessable place. You should also get the needed equipment for your shoe production. Basic equipment for this business includes a generator, sewing machine, leather, gum, sandpaper, thread, shoe former, scissors, hammer, etc.

  • Brand And Register Your Business

Before you even draft your business plan, somewhere in your head, you should have a name you will want to give your business to make branding easy. However, even if you haven’t thought of it till this point, this is where you need to figure it out. You can select a name that works well with your personality and what you want to create; the image you want your customers to have of you. You can also decide to have a branded logo and social media pages where you can advertise your business. Everything is going digital now, so you should bear that in mind. Unless you just want a roadside gig, which will not fetch you much. To make the business more authentic and to own the business name, you can also register it under the Corporate Affairs Commission or any other recognized business registration body.

Now you see that starting a shoemaking business is not as hard as you had perceived it to be. If this is an area you are passionate about, why not? Go for it!

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Chidiogo Shalom Akaelu holds a degree in English and Literary Studies, from the University of Nigeria. She is a freelance writer, editor and founder of Loana Press, a budding online publishing outlet.

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