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SME Spotlight: Aimee And Annabel


Aimee and Annabel is an industrial sewing company located in Lagos State. For more than fifteen years, they have produced branded clothing for a variety of clients, including individuals, corporates, and other organizations.

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They are also an important part of Nigeria’s booming fashion industry. Sometimes, they take on projects from designers and produce garments to their specifications. The sheer diversity of product types churned out by this company makes it the preferred manufacturer for many entities in need of branded clothing.

Founded in 2006, Aimee and Annabel operates out of a facility in Ikeja, Lagos. Over time, they have expanded their offerings and production capacity and now cater to both small and large production projects.

Aimee and Annabel takes and fulfills orders from individuals and families, SMEs, big businesses, NGOs, and the government. To its clients, it’s a tailoring factory, a corporate clothing supplier, and a large-scale garment factory.

Clothing produced at its factory includes polo T-shirts, corporate uniforms, industrial uniforms, hospitality wear, school uniforms, healthcare uniforms, safety uniforms, and sportswear. It also manufactures T-shirts for children’s parties, uniforms for pre-wedding shoots, and family outfits.

Fashion retailers can outsource the production of wear to Aimee and Annabel. The company is capable of fulfilling bulk orders from these businesses, which may eventually be sold as ready-to-wear clothes on their e-commerce platforms.

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Aimee and Annabel follows a defined process in accepting, designing, producing, and delivering wears to their clients. The process begins at the pre-production stage, in which the company takes ideas, specifications, and images for the expected final product from the client. It comes up with a visual representation of this order and shares it with the client.

If its client approves of the design, the company proceeds to make the wear (in line with the design). Inspections are carried out throughout the process, from fabric selection to the manufacturing line, and at the packaging stage.

Packaging involves sorting the clothes into categories such as size, colour, or design features, as previously determined by the client. After this, the bulk order may be delivered to the customer who wants it.

Besides producing garments, Aimee and Annabel also provides printing services, including embroidering and screen printing.

The company has positioned itself as a local alternative to international garment producers. It aims to become big enough to plug a gap in the industrial-scale production of branded clothing in Nigeria. And it could achieve this if it steps up its current pace of growth.

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