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SME Spotlight: Aitechma


In today’s world, our lives are becoming increasingly dependent on digital technologies. Whether it’s the web, social media, or mobile apps, we’re almost always glued to something digital. They are tools for work, leisure, and everything in between.

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The companies that make these things have also become an important part of the contemporary economy. By providing these applications, they help drive productivity and make life more comfortable for the modern individual.

Aitechma is one such company. It’s a software development firm based in Lagos, which delivers web and mobile applications to a large number of client businesses. As such, it’s part of an industry that holds up the new economy—an increasing number of enterprises that are dependent on various kinds of software products to operate effectively.

Founded in 2017 by Ibrahim Adepoju, Aitechma has grown in a short while to become one of the top emerging companies in its niche. In four years, it’s broadened its services to include User Interface and User Experience products (UI/UX), web application development, mobile application development, training, and digital transformation consultancy.

Its UI/UX design service follows a defined path. The company takes on design problems from clients, studies them, and comes up with a prototype. If it’s in line with the client’s desire, they may go on to build and deploy the solution. The company says this service is research-driven, so the final product is based on top UI/UX standards.

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Aitechma’s mobile app development operations are tailored for individuals, businesses, and other organizations. Again, the delivery process follows a set pathway—design, development, and deployment. It begins with designing UI/UX for the client’s app. Next, the app is built and then deployed. They also provide post-development support, including bug fixes and the integration of new features.

The web application development service from Aitechma covers frontend and backend development. The former involves web design. Navigability and aesthetics are planned in line with clients’ specifications and fashioned according to what’s applicable in the client business’s industry. Back ends are also built to enable optimum functionality.

Organizations seeking to align with the global trend towards greater digitization can get help with this from Aitechma. It offers digital transformation consultancy for businesses in Nigeria, leveraging its knowledge of enterprise software and the needs of its B2B customers.

Besides these products, Aitechma trains people who want to learn to program and build mobile and web apps. This training is scheduled for particular points of the year. Dates for this training may be found on its website.

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