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SME Spotlight: FnB Designs


FnB Designs is a fashion design company located in Abuja. They make ready-to-wear and bespoke clothing for men and provide wardrobe management services.

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The company takes its name from its founders, Udo Frank Amanze (Frank) and Johnbosco Ahuama (Bosco). The duo founded FnB Designs in 2006, while they were students at the Abia State University. In the years that followed, they perfected their art, and have set up a physical presence in the Gwarinpa district of Nigeria’s capital city.

The team at FnB Designs says that they aim to bridge the gap between customers seeking brilliant wear and the skilled tailors who provide this. It’s often not an easy task. While there are numerous design and tailoring outfits in Abuja and elsewhere in Nigeria, not many of them are able to provide top-quality garbs for customers with a taste for exclusive fashion items.

FnB Designs produces kaftans, agbada, senator, and other traditional wear. These are either designed specifically for customers who request them, or sold as ready-to-wear to people who appreciate their existing cuts.

Collections from FnB include the Arewa, which consists of nicely crafted kaftans with finishes that add an extra feature of fineness to the garments; and the Odogwu, a range of clothing pieces designed for people who want to enjoy the prestige conferred by high-end traditional wear.

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The company delivers clothing for family occasions, red carpet wear, and exclusive causals. Its wardrobe management service takes care of the provision of costumes for special events, ensuring that the wears made are fit for the specific use for which they have been created.

Samples of these clothes can be found on the FnB website as well as its Facebook and Instagram pages. Visitors can have a look at what’s available, or get an idea of what could be created for them at their request. Prices vary considerably across the pieces displayed, perhaps indicating the degree of craftsmanship that’s gone into making them.

Customers may buy clothes from FnB Designs at their store in Abuja or order them over the phone. For people who choose the latter option, the company’s contact details are available on its website. The items they request may be delivered to them between Monday and Saturday (the days in which the FnB store is open).

The FnB Designs brand appears to target people in the middle and upper class—not a majority of the Nigerian populace. However, they have a lot of room for growth, as the market, they’re trying to reach exists in cities besides Abuja. In the coming years, they could expand well beyond their current scale, and become a major player in the traditional menswear niche.

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