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SME Spotlight: WaraCake


WareCake presents itself as Nigeria’s largest online store for cakes and other confectioneries. The business enables bakers across Nigeria to provide their products to customers via online channels—a vehicle that’s become increasingly important as more people choose to shop on the web.

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The startup derives its name from the Yoruba word for ‘come and buy cake’. Its strength lies in the ease with which sweet treats can be purchased from it. While several bakeries offer similar products online, not many match the variety available on this particular platform.

WaraCake began as a project piloted at a university by a team of four founders. Late in 2014, they decided to scale it into a proper business and formally launched it in Lagos. In the years since its founding, the company has expanded both the range of edibles it sells and the number of states in which it operates.

WaraCake has also gained from the advice they’ve received from experienced entrepreneurs, including former Jumia and Konga executive and FarmCrowdy co-founder Onyeka Akumah.

The cakes available on WaraCake’s website are fitting for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, Christmas, convocations, corporate events, and other occasions. In many cases, buyers may have their cakes delivered to them within 24 hours.

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Specific kinds of cakes sold at the WaraCake online store include white and black forests, vanilla, red velvet, banana, coconut, carrot, and lemon cakes. Fruitcakes, cupcakes, and desserts are provided too. Customers can either order predesigned cakes or give the store a description of the design they would like for their cake.

There are other edibles on sale at WaraCake—chocolate, cookies, fried rice, and milkshakes can be looked up and purchased from the store. Every item listed has its price tagged to it; brief descriptions of the product are provided as well.

Deliveries may be made either to the person who makes the order or to a destination they specify (usually that of the person they’re gifting the cake). Although WaraCake is headquartered in Lagos, its online presence and extensive partnerships enable it to deliver cakes to 23 states in Nigeria. This covers some of the country’s major cities—Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, and Calabar.

Besides its store function, WaraCake also organizes baking classes in which it trains aspiring bakers and other interested individuals in the art of making cakes.

The WaraCake team can be contacted at any time of the day, via email, voice call, or WhatsApp.

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