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Social Media Influencer Of The Week: Zicsaloma 


If you are active on social media, the name Zicsaloma surely rings a bell.

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Known for his viral comedy skits with the likes of Mercy Johnson and DonJazzy, Zicsaloma has fast become one of the most sensational Instagram comedians.

What started as a pastime for the former The Voice contestant has blown into a lucrative occupation, attracting thousands of followers on Instagram and making him a face of Instagram comedy in Nigeria.

Who Is Zicsaloma?

Born Isaac Aloma, but popularly known as Zicsaloma is a singer and comedian who hails from Abia State. Before his foray into Instagram comedy, Zicsaloma was a contestant on the singing competition TV series known as ”The Voice Nigeria”. He worked as a part-time lecturer at the Kaduna State Polytechnic before resigning to concentrate solely on comedy.

His social media videos have caught the attention of many due to the comic character he plays known as Sister Ekwutosi.

Rise To Fame 

Like most creatives who have benefitted from joining TikTok, Zicsaloma started by posting videos on the video-sharing platform. This was U-turn from his previous strategy which involved tagging bloggers with his videos in the hopes that they would share them.

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Realising that one could go viral on TikTok without having to resort to requesting shares from influencers, Zicsaloma kept on with his strategy of posting TikTok videos. It didn’t take long for him to amass thousands of followers and get likes and shares from celebrities and blogs. Seeing the success of his videos on TikTok, he then moved on to sharing these videos on Instagram.

Behind The Scenes 

Although Zicsaloma’s videos on social media seem like they would require a lot of thought and preparation to create, he says ideas for the videos are often spontaneous. He credits this to years of experience in the creative field.

“I think it also helps my creative ability, I just look at people doing something and it comes naturally. Most times, skits come unconsciously, I might be driving and something just flashes,”

he says.


With 700,000 followers on Instagram, as well as the engagement he enjoys on other social media platforms, Zicsaloma is arguably the most sensational Instagram comedian at the moment. He has also built a career in acting, featuring in movies such as Jenifa’s Diary.

His blossoming comedy career has landed him various advertisement deals.

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