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Social Media Marketing Tips: 10 Content Ideas For A New Youtube Channel | Part 1

Getting started on Youtube is quite demanding. You have to come with a topic you’re passionate about as well as all the other work that goes into creating videos. 

With this list of content ideas below, you can never go wrong when it comes to choosing the right topics for your Youtube channel. 

Self Help

Like Google, Youtube is a search engine where people search for tips that can help them improve their lives. From career to relationship, and motivation to family, you can proffer advice on any specific field based on your own knowledge and personal experience. You can also ask viewers what kind of topic they seek advice on and make videos surrounding those topics. 


Covering popular songs is an effective way to get yourself out there and attract a large audience. If you have a talent for singing or play an instrument, you can create covers of your favourite hit songs and upload them on Youtube. Many popular Nigerian artists got discovered on social media. Who knows? You could be the next Rema or Teni!

Meal Planning 

With the increasing awareness about healthy living, there is no better time to create a Youtube channel that shows people how to plan a healthy diet. As long as you know how meal planning works and it has worked for you, you can consistently post videos showing how you do it. In no time, you will be attracting a health-conscious audience that wants to eat and live right.

Movie Reviews 

This is a niche that arguably hasn’t been explored enough in Nigeria. Do you have opinions about movies? Are there things you like/dislike in movies? Do you love recommending movies to others? Thankfully, Youtube is one of the best platforms for that because it is highly visual. All you have to do is create reviews of the latest cinema flicks and upload them to Youtube. There are several ways to be creative in this niche so explore!

Fitness & Training

Fitness & Training is fast becoming a lucrative niche in Nigeria due to the increasing number of people who want to live healthy In addition to that, personal trainers are quite expensive and many would opt for free personal training or fitness channels if given the chance. The Fitness & Training niche usually goes together with Meal Planning because people have to eat right to be fit. If you are an expert at weight lifting, yoga, or other fitness methods, consider creating videos that show people what exercises they can do to achieve their fitness goals. 

Featured Image Source: Entrepreneur

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