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Social Media Marketing Tips: 10 Great Ideas For Video Marketing Content | Part 2


What gadget did you use to watch the last video you came across?  Was it your phone, computer or television?

The odds are high that you used your smartphone. In fact, it is safe to say that you watch most of your videos on your smartphone.

It is easy to draw this conclusion because of the magnitude at which video has taken over social media. Since smartphones are the easiest medium for accessing social media contents, it stands to reason that you – like many other users around the world – have been impacted by how video marketing has dominated the space in recent years.

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In 2020, video is the most preferred form of content, with about 78% of people watching online videos every week and 55% watching every day.

From this finding, one can deduce that video marketing has great potential for businesses of all kinds.

But what type of video content drives the most engagement?

Last week, we looked at some of the best video content ideas. Here are 5 more types of video content you can use to drive engagement on social media.

Take Your Customers Behind The Scenes

People like to get a glimpse into the backstage operations of a business because it makes them feel important, as though they’ve gotten hold of “classified” information”. This makes them feel emotionally connected to the brand and raise their interest in the products or services the brand is offering. If you’re developing something new, share a bit of it with your audience to capture their interest.

Before And After

Before and after pictures are one of the best motivators for buying a product. They are even more powerful when incorporated with video marketing although they are better suited for certain kinds of products such as beauty and wellness products, client’s projects, renovations, and some other services.

To give your audience a good perspective of what they would get if they patronised you, post a ‘before and after’ video of what your products or services have helped to accomplish.

Tell Stories 

The importance of storytelling in marketing a brand is not new. Do you have engaging stories that are related to your niche and relevant to your audience?

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With video marketing, sharing these stories will make your audience even more engaged and invested in what you’re offering them. You’re free to craft your story in whatever way you like as long as you stay authentic.


Are you good at public speaking and conducting webinars? Use this to your advantage by capturing presentations you give at company events or small-scale networking events. Share the video on social media to generate more buzz online and increase your brand visibility.


Animated videos work because they are fun and engaging. They are also a great choice for small businesses on a budget, as they can be easily created on your laptop at an affordable price or with freemium software.

For bigger brands, animated videos serve as an easy way to simplify complicated subjects, making them easy to understand by anyone.

It is for this reason that animated videos are often used as explainer videos, which work well on a sales landing page.


You now have 10 ideas for video content at your disposal. Therefore, there is no reason why you shouldn’t take hold of the massive opportunities to engage with your audience that video contents offer you. While some of these ideas involve some level of creativity, others are quite straightforward. With a solid content marketing strategy, you can provide valuable video contents to your viewers, consistently.

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