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Social Media Marketing Tips: 4 Best Instagram Stories Practices For Your Strategy In 2021 


Instagram Stories is one of Instagram’s best gifts to marketers and influencers. With over 500 million Stories published daily, there’s no doubt Instagram Stories can be a powerful feature for engagement with your audience.

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If you’re still struggling to understand how Instagram stories work, we’ve covered 4 best practices you can follow to start making use of this feature and build your following.

Don’t Use Too Much Text

This is a common mistake that makes Instagram Stories appear uninteresting and clumsy. Given the transient nature of Stories, it is best to use more visuals that easily pass the message you’re trying to convey.

Keep your text to a minimum. The key is to grab your audience’s attention with timely sensational visuals that keep their interest, but don’t remain long enough to bore them.

Determine Your Publishing Frequency 

There is more room to post as many times as you wish on Instagram Stories. Recent research shows that top brands post over 15 stories per month.

While this is a great opportunity to tap into, remember to view Stories as a supplement to your regular Instagram posts. Post them frequently but don’t sacrifice the quality of your regular posts in the process.

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Keep Reinventing Your Stories With Available Features And Tools 

Instagram is always rolling out new features and tools to enable you to keep your Stories fresh and entertaining.

Keeping an eye for these updates opens up fresh opportunities to engage customers and stay abreast of the latest trends. In addition, this is another way to prevent your content from becoming stale and boring.

Leverage Diverse Media To Share Content

Stories provide various opportunities for content curation that are not available on many other platforms.

Take advantage of these opportunities by spicing things up, adding variety, and making your content more interesting. You can upload videos. You can go live. If your content is monotonous, your audience will leave faster than they came.

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