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Social Media Marketing Tips: 4 Content Creation Hacks For Producing Great Content

Many business owners face burnouts because they are multitasking on various aspects of their businesses without having time for the things that really manner. Planning content is a great way to avoid such burnouts, save time, and encourage productivity.  If you are a business owner looking to make content creation less stressful, here are some hacks you can adopt:

Have A Keyword In Mind

This is a great way to come up with a bunch of different ideas for your content creation. All you need is a keyword that relates to your niche and what your audience would be interested in. You can use it to find potential topics that you can create content on. A very handy tool that can get you through this process is Keyword Everywhere. Keywords Everywhere shows you what “keywords” people are searching for and to what degree. Once Keywords Everywhere has been installed, you can type in any keyword of your choice on Google and this tool will provide you with a list of relevant additional keywords that relate to the keyword you typed in. Having all these keywords at your disposal will guarantee that you will never be stuck for content and you will be able to create content on the go.  With a practical tool such as this, you can always have access to relevant keywords and create content around them.


Outsourcing may seem farfetched for a new business owner but when time and other resources are put into consideration, it may just turn out to be worth it. As your business grows, you tend to have more work on your hands and in order to remain productive you may need some support. This is where outsourcing comes in. By outsourcing some of your projects, you create more time to concentrate on the most important aspect of your business. Websites like and are great resources for outsourcing. You can hire any kind of freelancers on these platforms to help you in your content creation process. As your business grows, the odds of you having less time for all your content creation projects get high. At this phase, you may be needing some assistance in order for you to maximise your productivity.

Batching, Scheduling, and Content Calenders

It can be very beneficial for you when you have content is arranged into different categories and scheduled for weeks and months to come. This is a good way to save time, encourage creativity and ensure consistency.  You can batch your content for all social media platforms that you are on. For instance, you can prepare all your captions ahead of time for Instagram and Instagram and utilse a tool like Hootsuite to schedule them for the coming months. Content calendars are another great way to plan content. You can easily create a content calendar using an excel spreadsheet, Google docs, or even manual notes. Batching and scheduling content requires some hard work, but if you can set aside a particular day to plan your content ahead of time, you will definitely see a surge in your creativity and be able to create content on the go.

Recycle Your Content

There is no rule that says you have to keep creating “fresh” content. As a matter of fact, you can recycle your content as long as it is engaging and passing across the right message. For instance, you can select a blog post that did really well with your audience and turn this into video content on facebook, youtube, or even a live stream. On the other hand, you can turn audio into text using a transcribing website called With Rev, you submit your audio or video and have them in text form within a reasonable period of time. You could also turn your most engaging live streams into written piece of content, break them down into micro-content and use this microcontent to create memes, tweets, Instagram captions and so on.

There are many ways to efficiently create content. Following these steps listed above will ensure that you never stunt your creativity and avoid burnout as an entrepreneur.

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