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Social Media Marketing Tips: 4 Customer Retention Strategies To Adopt In 2020


If you want to build a successful business, then your customers must be your utmost priority. Unfortunately, many businesses invest all their time and resources in generating leads and care less about customer retention. 

Of course, acquiring new leads is important, but nurturing your existing customers should be your top priority. This is why you need a customer retention strategy. 

Here are 4 strategies that work:

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Develop a customer database 

Before you implement your customer retention strategy, you should have an idea of the customers you want to target and their relevance to your business. Use an ERP software to create a slot for inputting customer data. 

Let the slot be used for entering information such as the monthly expenditure of each customer, their occupation, monthly income, and so on. This will help you know what to work with and how to channel your retention strategies. 

Show that you care

Simple gestures like sending birthday or anniversary wishes to your customers can go a long way in motivating their loyalty to your brand. Customers love this because it shows them that the brand values them, considering the thoughtfulness behind sending messages to every customer. If you want your customers to stay loyal and keep trusting your brand, then you should go the extra mile – beyond the normal products and services you offer – by surprising them with kind gestures. 

Appreciate your VIP clients 

Your top clients contribute largely to the success of your business. Without them, your business probably wouldn’t be where it is today. This is why you must priortise by appreciating their patronage. Use an ERM software to identify your top 10 customers and focus your campaigns on them through follows-ups, offers, and feedbacks.

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Use email surveys to get customer feedback 

Leaving room for customers to drop feedback on how they feel about your products and services is a great way to strengthen the bond that already exists. You can use email surveys to get such feedback. These surveys will let you catch your customers’ pain points, get to know the areas they are not satisfied and make the necessary adjustment. 

When your customers’ complaints come in, be sensitive and patient enough to hear them out. Remember quality customer service can help clear the doubts that a disappointed customer has about your brand and make them loyal once again. 

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