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Social Media Marketing Tips: 4 Effective Hacks To Improve Your Conversion Rates

Like many businesses today, your social media page may have many visitors who have not yet converted to customers.

Here are some simple hacks you can follow to boost your conversion rates

Endeavour To Stand Out In Your Industry

Perhaps you’re in a highly competitive industry with several businesses for customers to choose from. The only way you can actually have a chance at standing out is by offering something different. The difference should not only reflect in your content but also in the way you brand your business. Are you using original images and photos that match your content? Are you leveraging video marketing to create educating and entertaining videos that drive traffic? What is your brand logo and social media page layout like? Asides from great content, all these factors play a major role in setting you apart from your competitors.

Focus On Creating Educating And Entertaining Content

It might be a cliche but the only way a business can effectively drive traffic and convert leads to customers is by solving a need. The good news is you can work with your existing customers to find out what they are in need of and how you can answer them. Observe the questions they are asking under your posts. Take note of the questions that come up often and build your content around them. Tools like Buzzsumo will also help you keep up with what people are searching for across multiple social sites and the kind of content that tends to do well.

Aim To Be Creative With Your Content

Inasmuch as you should share educative content, you should also endeavour to make that content entertaining. What kind of conversation style do you employ? Is it friendly and endearing? Also, you can observe what other successful brands are sharing on their page and emulate them. In addition, you should be on the lookout for trending topics, funny memes and videos that relate to what your brand stands for and share them. Remember, no matter how enlightening your content is, it won’t engage your audience if it comes across as bland and boring.

“The 30-day Free Trial” Method

You can try “The 30-day Free Trial method” when you’ve tried every other method but there is still a large majority of prospects you want to convert into customers. This works because everyone loves free stuff and this gives them a chance to test your products/services before they patronise you. You can offer your audience a 30-day free trial with a credit card payment in advance or try different other methods depending on what your goal is.

Featured Image Source: Infinity Digital

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