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Social Media Marketing Tips: 5 More Instagram Analytics Tools To Boost Your Online Growth In 2020

In order to succeed with your marketing campaigns on Instagram, you need to be conversant with your metrics: what hashtags to use, when to post, what to post and so on. There are a large number of tools that can help you do this effectively. However, it can be difficult finding the right Instagram analytic tools that will be reliable and produce substantial results.

 In a previous post, we took a look at some of the best Instagram tracking apps and tools for brands in 2020. Below are 5 more of such tools. 

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Phlanx is quite straightforward to use because it allows you to calculate the overall engagement rate of your Instagram account and compare it with that of your competitors. Although Phlanx is marketed as an influencer marketing tool, it is also beneficial to any personal or business account 

The tool helps businesses determine which influencers to work with based on their engagement rates. This prevents them from spending money on influencers who have fake followers or are receiving illegitimate engagement. 


As the name implies, Tapinfluence is used to identify social media influencers directly. This tool comes with a database of over 50,000 influencers to help brands find the right fit for their influencer campaigns. These businesses can search by industry or specific tags that match what they are looking for. 

The platform helps users see, at a glance, various influencers along with their rates and cost per engagement. With all this data at one’s disposal, vet and select the best ones to work with.


Hootsuite is one of the best tools for content creation and the management of multiple social media profiles. When it comes to curating content on Instagram, Hootsuite allows you to post, share, and schedule content efficiently. It also provides brands with great content suggestions based on your audience’s preference. 

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Hootsuite offers a free plan which allows users to manage up to three social media accounts. Pricing starts at $19 per month.


SocialRank is the most unique tool on this list because it allows you to pinpoint your most valuable and most engaged followers. It does this by analysing the patterns your followers have in common. For instance, if your followers like using a particular word or hashtag, it will help you identify this pattern, thereby enabling you to understand your audience better. is a relatively new tool but it is used by over 2000 brands around the world. This tool is quite handy because it allows brands to manage multiple accounts on one dashboard. It also allows users to generate white-labelled reports for clients. The pricing is quite fair on the platform as the basic package starts at $9 dollars per month. is the ideal tool for social media agencies. 

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