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Social Media Marketing Tips: How To Use LinkedIn Groups To Promote Your Business

Are LinkedIn Groups worth your time? Yes, they are. They are forums where like-minded individuals connect, share ideas and raise conversations relevant to their industries. Joining LinkedIn Groups offers you an opportunity to create relationships with people of similar interests and effectively showcase your skills and expertise.

Many of the people on these groups may be potential business partners, industry experts or prospective customers who you can connect with to promote your business. Therefore, there’s every reason to participate in LinkedIn Groups and do it the right way.

Here are some ways you can leverage LinkedIn Groups to build relationships that will benefit your business.

Familiarise Yourself With Content

Like many other social media platforms, relevant content is the most effective way to promote your brand on LinkedIn Groups. The first thing you should do when you join a LinkedIn Group is to take notice of the kind of content people are sharing and the conversations being raised. 

With an apt understanding of the kind of content, people want to see, you raise your chances of actually being able to connect with them. It is not just about hitting that “connect” button but also promoting content that will help you “connect” and build better relationships.

Sell Yourself

When you finally understand what type of content your group members want to see, the next item on your list should be showcasing the expertise you have in your field. This is when you actually engage by answering questions people have and also raising questions of your own. Experts do not just promote content but they also raise relevant conversations that increase engagement. This is why ‘question and answer’ always works.

Post Articles That Count

There is a reason why blogging is always recommended as an effective way to improve engagement. People like blog posts and articles because they are informative and educative. Even if you do not own a blog, you can always engage with Group members by sharing blog posts and articles you’ve found. Don’t just share but also ask questions relating to these posts.

Make That Connection

Before you hit the “connect” button, ensure the timing is right. This means you must have familiarised yourself and interacted with the person you want to connect with. Once you’ve done that, you can send them an invitation to connect on LinkedIn. Ensure they understand why you want to connect with them and remind them of your previous conversations in the group.

Extend The Relationship

Don’t just connect with Group members on LinkedIn alone but find their other social media channels and connect with them. When you do this, it shows you are taking the extra mile to extend the relationship you have with these people. 

With these tips above, you probably now understand why LinkedIn Groups are worth your time and energy. Social media provides us with the opportunity to connect with people we would otherwise have no access to and LinkedIn Groups are no exception. 

Find LinkedIn Groups you can join now and see how you can start applying these steps above. Cheers!

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