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Social Media Marketing Tips: The Key To Building A Successful Brand On Social Media

How do you build a powerful brand in 2019? There is no hard and fast rule to it. As new trends emerge and customer interaction with brands continues in a dynamic fashion, businesses must learn to adapt to the changing marketplace. These tips listed below are what the most successful brands have utilised time and again. They are the key to building your brand from scratch in 2019.

Make Your Business Searchable

When people type in keywords related to your niche on social media, is your business page likely to pop up? In order to make it easy for your target audience to find you, you should clearly define what your business does and what need you are trying to solve. The most successful brands on platforms like Youtube and Instagram all have one thing in common – their social media bios have clear-cut descriptions of what they do and what people will find when they come clicking on their page. For instance, if you are a personal trainer or you run a fitness page on Instagram then it would help for your bio to have keywords along the lines of “Fitness Expert Trainer”, “Fitness Nutrition Expert, or “Certified Personal Trainer”.

In addition to this, you should tell your audience why you are an expert, how you are going to help them and why they should follow you or subscribe to your channel. This will not only help in increasing the chances of your target audience finding you but also convince them that you have what they are searching for.

Stand For Something

The most successful have belief systems that attract the right audience and are embraced by their existing customers. It is these belief systems that distinguish them from their strongest competitors and set the tone for their audience to engage effectively with them. Your belief system should reflect in the words that you use, colours, logos, design and other elements that represent your brand. You can also build a strong belief system by forming a “tribe”. Humans are social animals, and hence they love to belong. You can leverage this principle by consciously creating rituals for you and your customers to follow. For instance, you may set aside a day of the week when you engage them in insightful conversations about industry trends. In addition, you could also introduce them to lingos which would always be associated with your brands. For example, Fisayo Fosudu, a top Nigerian tech influencer on Youtube loves to use the lingo “FodaAdu” and for some reason, his audience has come to embrace it.

Hashtags and Keywords

This is another effective way to make your business more searchable and easily discoverable on Youtube. Social networks like Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter allow you to make use of hashtags and keywords to categorise your content. It is important that you use hashtags and keywords on these platforms to ensure that you show up when people are searching for the kind of content you curate. You can read more about hashtags here.

Be Authentic

In this day and age, more and more customers are on the lookout for brands that have an ambience of authenticity. This is because people tend to gravitate towards brands that are relatable. You can start being authentic by posting relatable photos, giving honest reviews and tips that are beneficial to your audience, and posting content that you naturally gravitate towards. Remember, authenticity is what makes the most successful brands so endeavour to thrive on it.

Competitive Analysis

This entails taking an in-depth look at what strong competitors in your niche are doing right and emulating them to create your own unique brand. This involves studying the kind of content they post and what their audience gravitates to most. Again, the second step mentioned above comes into play here. You can create the same kind of content you find your competitors curating but then do it in a way that reflects the values and belief system of your brand.

Source: Fisayo Fosudo

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