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Social Media Marketing Tips: The Power Of Social Listening

Social Listening refers to the way you track conversations on social media relating to your industry and how you respond to them to encourage an increase in reach of your brand. With social listening, you are able to leverage your customers’ and prospects’ needs and satisfy them to the extent that they become leads.

Some of the free tools that carry out social listening include Google Alerts, Hashtagify, Social Mention, and TweetDeck on Twitter. Here are some of the benefits of incorporating Social Listening to your social media marketing strategies

It Helps You Track Brand Performance On All Levels 

Social Listening helps you understand to what levels your marketing strategies are working and what areas you can improve on. Through the tone of comments, shares, reactions to a new product or services, and sentiments surrounding your last blog post, you can easily measure the value of your content. For instance, Social listening helps you discover if a particular product received negative reactions or if your “video content “was more effective than “image”. With this information at your fingertips, you can always know what to tweak at just the right time and degree to ensure your overall brand’s health.

It Helps You Save Face 

You can easily preserve the reputation of your brand if you are constantly aware of how your customers and prospects are receiving your products and services. Social listening helps you with this by showing you what your customers are saying on a regular basis, once you notice a trend of negative comments on a particular product or service, you can easily rectify the issue in a timely fashion and hence keep the reputation of your brand intact.

Influencer Marketing Gets Easier

According to a recent study, 67% of people are more likely to purchase a product or service if a family member or friend mentioned it on social media. What does this mean for your Social Listening strategy? By monitoring online conversations about your brand, you will be able to identify your biggest fans and those spreading the word about your products and services. Once you have them identified, you can easily leverage the positive reviews they leave about your brand to boost the reach of your services.

Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention

Pain Points are simply problems your customers and prospects are having. This could mean that customers or prospects are having problems with your competitor’s product or service or they are in demand for a new product or service. By listening to what your customers and prospects are saying, you can discover their pain points, gain insight into new product ideas and enhancements, and see how you can meet their needs with better products or services. This also helps you identify weaknesses in your competitor’s products or services so that step up your game and provide more value.

By attentively “listening” to the level of engagement, shares, comments, likes, and mentions about your product, you can easily set better social media and business goals for the future.

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