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Some Jobs Are Soon To Be Extinct In Nigeria

The Nigerian labour market is increasingly becoming widely digitised especially in the wake of the covid-19 pandemic. This is such that many jobs are beginning to undergo overlapping or gradual extinction as computers replace the human inputs in a great number of fields today.

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The fiesta of digitisation has refashioned the global business environment. Some services are no longer required by a large number of people. This loss of demand has led to the extinction and loss of interest for some jobs.

Virtual reality has replaced the physical hands at many business points.

Here are some of the jobs that will suffer the blow of extinction if not now but in a few years to come.


  • Bank Tellers

These days, most transactions are widely carried out through mobile applications or USSD. The familiar touch of the physical cash is being eroded by this new development. Bank software back-end structures which include payment by SQL have created a better means for keeping transaction records. This implies the help of a bank teller may not be needed eventually.

  • Publishers

The publishing industry faces extinction, except there is a change in operation. As most individuals no longer require physical books. There is a high demand for books easily accessible on the internet than those sold in book shops.

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  • Factory Workers

The processing of goods has begun to take up a more automated fashion. This means the concept of division of labour in the factory sense may no longer apply. As machines and new electronic technologies are knocking out physical assertions involved in production processes gradually.

  • Librarians

The internet has brought so many things to the fore, this also includes the wide variety of content that exists on the web. With the right data and navigation, one can gain access to all types of books, journals, articles in various formats with costs that range from lesser to almost free. Where technology hasn’t ousted the library, the librarian responsibilities are being replaced with computerized resources.


  • Cashiers

In the next few years, your favourite cashier may be replaced with a more efficient electronic hand. This means most of its operations will evolve and involve eliminating some elements, especially the human aspects. There are new automated systems to cash out of stores, in fact, physical stores are likely to be non-existent.

Now that you are privy to the knowledge of jobs to be rendered irrelevant. It is best to take a look at your available skills and experience to determine if you are wanting in some areas meant for remaining and evolving jobs. Take time to do courses to boost your workmanship. That way, you become proactive and ready for the blow to happen soon. To be forewarned is to be forearmed.


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