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Some Of The Best Ways To Acquire New Skill In Your Industry


Change is a constant characteristic of life, covering all aspects of human endeavours. This means so long as existence and time are concerned, things are bound to evolve, not excluding the place of your career.

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Every day, the demands for goods and services change due to new needs emerging. Industries invested in longevity and relevance have to tailor their operations to suit this cause. This overhaul always has an effect on staff members of these mission-driven organizations as human resource departments begin to place the acquisition of new skills as a prerequisite to get employed or remain in service. To avoid getting waylaid by the sweeping change in the industry, here are some things to be done:

  • Get A List Of Mentors 

Learning at the guidance of another person could hasten your progress in acquiring new skills. People who are experts in the field such as a colleague at work, a professor and the likes can stand as a mentor. You learn to get better by meeting such persons on a regular interval. This also helps ensure that you are performing tasks properly using best industry practices. There are other people who may know more but are not very available physically. You can buy books or listen to their stories to learn from them.

  • Learn From Others

Learning from a person that is an expert on the skill of your choice is another great way to increase your competency, especially learning while working. If you notice a coworker seems to be very good at a skill, you might ask to shadow them or have a meeting to discuss their strategy for success. You may also ask them to make performance comments as well as provide tips towards future improvements. As you develop your work skills, try to learn from many different coworkers in order to find a technique that works best for you.

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  • Social Media Community

Log in to Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms and follow people who have an interest in the skill you aim to acquire. You could also turn on your phone search notification for updates on happenings in the industry that will help you keep up with new trends.

  • Online Tutorials

Websites such as Future Learn, Khan Academy and the likes offer free tutorials to individuals who are looking to learn new skills. Also, tutorial videos abound on YouTube. All you need to do is download, create a video schedule, and watch in your free time.

  • Necessary Certification

Gaining a certification on the skills provides a higher sense of credibility added to your credentials. According to a survey by, “100 percent of respondents agreed that industry certifications are preferred during the hiring process, in both new hire and internal employee placement scenarios. Certifications provide status to those who have proven their knowledge and give employers a benchmark standard for measuring employee candidates.”

Once you select a skill to focus on, try to practice it every day. The more you practice a skill in your daily activities at work, the faster you will develop expertise. If possible, begin practising your skills in low-stakes situations that will not influence the overall quality of your work.

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