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Owo - JazzZ and Myme


Song Of The Week: ‘Owo’ – JazzZ and Myme Ft. System

‘Owo’ is a mellow, cheerful mix of disco, R & B and funk spiced with a little Fuji, from the “Made In Lagos Vol. 1”, EP released earlier in the year.

On the song, JazzZ’s delicate vocals ride on the waves of Mymes soft but elaborate instrumentation, as she reels off things money can do . System also contributes to the song with sublime Fuji vocals in the background. Even though the song was made public in November 2017, the album did not come out until 30th March 2018.

The “Made in Lagos” album is a five tracker which includes songs like “You”, “Large spender”, “Crush” and “Damn Right”. All five songs are collaborations by R&B/Soul singer-songwriter; JazzZ, and ace music producer, Myme, with System and Kable featuring in one song each.

JazZ had earlier released other materials like “Phill”, “Butterfly” and “Free Falling” prior to “Owo”.


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