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Step By Step Guide To Sending A Cold Email Pitch


What is a cold email?

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According to Wikipedia, a cold email is an unsolicited email sent to a receiver without prior consent. It is like a cold call but less intrusive.

Cold emails are sent for several reasons. They include pitching to investors, sending PR packages to influencers, pitching to an organization for a job, reaching out for brand partnerships, etc.

The approach to writing cold emails is a different one. It is not a regular email; it requires expert knowledge to avoid getting ignored. It is pretty simple but not the easiest to write.

You need to check a few boxes to deliver a successful cold email. Consider the following points as a guide to inform your thought process when writing one.

  • Research

Map out your goals and have a strategy while reaching out.

Using generic terms like Sir/Ma might not cut it. You might need to know the name of whom you want to reach. In cases where you don’t find their names, know their gender and address them accordingly.

Doing your research should not be much of a problem; you are looking to build relationships with the brand or organization, you must understand them to its core.

  • Use An Interesting Headline

One of the worst mistakes you can make is sending an email without a subject. Your subject line is your biggest hook to grab the recipient’s attention. Be interesting and make it count.

Human Resource Consultants are more likely to open job applications with more interesting headlines rather than generic ones.

For example- “What Beyonce can do for Parket solutions” is a more exciting headline for a brand partnership rather than “Request for partnership with Parket solutions.”

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  • Introduce Yourself

You entered their private space; courtesy demands you introduce yourself at the very beginning.

Saying your name is not enough. Make sure to state what you do and the purpose of your email.

  • Lead With Gratification

After introducing yourself, appreciating the organization or brand should come next.

It will give you a basis on which you present your plan. For example, “Great work with what Parket solutions does in helping youths and out-of-school children.”

You can go on to talk about how it intersects with you as a person and then, introduce your point finally.

  • Connect With A Pain-Point

As much as you want to get that job, sign that deal or endorse that partnership, the relationship must be symbiotic.

Make it straightforward on how both parties will benefit from each other. It might come off as ‘too good to be true’ when you only state what they get. Also, it will sound parasitic when you only state what you get too.

Be clear on the value you wish to offer. Be sure to note that the value is essential to them and lastly, place a clear call to action just before you wrap up.

  • Keep It Short And Simple

It is great to be detailed as possible at first contact but do not exhaust them either.

Cut out all the excesses and be direct. Provide just relevant information and let them request the rest if need be.

  • Review Before Sending

Dot your I’s and cross your T’s one last time. Thank them for their time where necessary. Correct your spellings one last time and then, hit send.

Try as much as possible not to use a template. No matter how sophisticated the organization is, you have an actual human recipient

  • Send A Follow-Up Email

Sometimes, you might not get a reply after the first email. Please don’t get discouraged, they probably didn’t see it.

Sending a cold email is incredibly effective only when done right. Each line of your email should persuade the reader into reading the rest and not just scan through.

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