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Surprising Benefits of Stress


Surprising Benefits of Stress

We’ve heard over and over that stress is harmful to our health and can lead to numerous health problems one can think of. Aside from making us feel depressed and awful emotionally, it can also cause weight gain, headache, asthma, increase blood pressure, insomnia, rapid ageing and many other health related issues.

Truth be told, we can’t really escape been stressed no matter how much we try. We eat, breathe, live it every day of our lives it’s just inevitable. Even when you’re trying to take the lemons life throws at you and make lemonades, somehow stress still has a way of taking you out of that fantasy.

However, getting riled up isn’t always a bad thing, as research has shown that the body’s flight or fight response is meant to be protective and not harmful. Don’t get me wrong the statement that stress kills is something to be taken seriously and if you find yourself overly stressed, it’s best to tone it down.  Because when stress becomes chronic and we’re not in charge of the situation, it’s bound to affect our body negatively.

Then again there is a positive side to being stressed that we don’t put into consideration.

It makes you tough

Being able to deal with stress equips you to handle future situations or decisions more effectively. Going through difficult moments makes you resilient. Remember when you encountered a stressful situation for the first time and looking back, you wondered how you survived it?

Having that experience at that moment, must have felt like the worst thing you probably thought was possible, and meant the end of the world.  But as different problems reared its head, you’ve been able to confront them and inadvertently trained yourself to cope with similar occurrences in the future. The more you’re exposed to stressful events, the more you develop a psychological and physical sense of control.

It can protect your body from infections

Remember the flight or fight response is meant to protect the body. So, if the stress is from an infection, injury or any physical condition, the body prepares itself for defense. It does this by producing extra interleukins chemicals which helps to regulate the immune system and providing a temporary defensive boost.

Inspires and motivates you to succeed

You’re already wondering how?  well, Good stress known in scientific terms as eustress, could be the drive that push you to get your work done. When you have a deadline, under pressure and you know you can’t afford to lose that job or not write that exam, it prompts you to work harder and more productively.  Regarding a strenuous situation as more than a barricade and seeing it as a challenge instead, encourages success.

It helps you focus and can boost your memory retention

Pressure and nervousness can potentially boost your brain’s performance. Moderate stress triggers and releases brain chemicals called ‘neurotrophins’, this strengthens the connection between neurons in your brain and helps to boost productivity, concentration, memory and attention span.


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Becky Onoise is a psychologist, chocolate junkie, and puppy lover. A writer who is sorry... not sorry about correcting your grammar. She's a word enthusiast and aims to achieve her goals. Instagram handle @mz_berkey

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