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The Best Tips For An Interview At A Multinational Company


Statistics have shown that the rate of unemployment in Nigeria would triple by the year 2030. This means that the graduates that universities churn out each year would keep on adding to the pile, scrabbling for the hardly available job openings.

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Many of these graduates are more than qualified for the jobs they require. This article will provide the best tips for an interview at a multinational. Before going to get the bag, here are a few tips to consider:

  1. Companies Culture

Many candidates go for interviews at multinationals without thoroughly researching the companies culture. The company culture is the backbone that drives all company affairs and to be successful at an interview, it is important to understand the company’s culture.

This understanding helps in preparing the tone that the interviewee would take during the interview and even the mode of dressing candidates should avoid.

Company culture differs from company to company. Facebook culture encourages the curiosity of hackers and Amazon company culture encourages that building of managers. Research the company culture.

  1. Interviewee Contribution

It is true that interviewees need the job but multinationals do not employ for charity. They employ to fill a need and add value. It is therefore important that the CV should show how the interviewee can add value or fill a company’s need.

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It is pertinent that to ace an interview at a multinational, you must look beyond yourself and answer all interview questions in light of the bigger goal of the company. This is because the company’s range is across various countries and need to know that their preferred candidate can be versatile enough to be seamlessly flexible.

  1. Confidence

One is never fully dressed without confidence. When preparing for a multinational interview, make sure to work up confidence in your tone and gestures. This is because multinationals are attracted to confident candidates. Lack of confidence can cause the assumption that one is incapable of doing the job done.

This assumption may be wrong but is costly and better to avoid. Lack of confidence can sometimes mean that the qualification backing that specific candidate is not sure and HRs tend to avoid candidates without confidence.

A quick way to ramp up confidence is to speak to the mirror about past achievements, why you deserve the job and whisper them to yourself as you enter the interview room.

Always remember, as much as a candidate can possess all the required certifications needed for a job, it is not the certificate that would perform the job but the individual. Multinationals are not looking for piles of certificates that cannot deliver. Therefore, it is pertinent to research on the company culture, what you can offer them, and the excellent level of confidence you can provide while offering these services to the company.

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