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The Cece Yara Foundation Launches Groundbreaking  Child Protection Online Directory

In a bid to provide community information and access to hundreds of  child protection services, The Cece Yara Foundation has launched the  Cece Yara SafeKids Directory – a web based/ online portal which  provides information on police stations, State Child Protection Units,  medical services, Sexual Assault Referral Centres, free legal services  and mental health care at a click of a button.

Recent reports have shown a rise in child sexual abuse with 1 in 4  girls, as well as 1 in 10 boys experiencing before they reach the age  of 18. The Cece Yara Foundation has been the light at the end of the  tunnel for sexual abuse cases – fighting for the rights of children,  non-offending families as well as amplifying societal prevention  awareness via field and media initiatives.

Being the first of its kind in Nigeria, the online portal will serve  as a vital information hub for individuals or organisations seeking  child protection services offered by the police, medical  practitioners, mental health care providers, legal advocates, shelter  providers and other credible child focused organisations in the country.

“We were committed to building the most complete and accurate database  of Child Protection Service Providers in Nigeria from Day One and it  has taken a lot of hard work, and research hours to verify all  entries. This Directory will go a long way to support speedy reporting  and response to child sexual abuse and other cases of abuse. This  portal will be regularly updated by a team of dedicated data  volunteers.”

— Mrs. Bola Tinubu (the Founder Trustee of the Foundation)

On the functionality of the directory, the Foundation’s Research and  Data Analyst, who also is the brain behind the design and development  of the directory, Mr. David Adeleke said:

“The web directory is  user-friendly, and with the understanding that majority of the  end-users will be accessing these services from their mobile devices,  the directory offers maximum compatibility with mobile devices.”

It is important to know that the impact of child sexual abuse can be  profound and last a lifetime. However, easy access to help will  drastically reduce the risk factors and promote protective factors  that will ensure the well-being of children and families.The directory can be accessed on the Foundations website  and currently has close to 200 listings of child  specific service providers in Lagos state. It is being expanded daily  and will eventually serve other states of the federation. Listings can  be filtered by Local Government Area, service categories and keywords.  Phone can be dialed automatically from the web page, while addresses  can also  be searched using Google Maps.


About the Foundation

The Cece Yara Foundation is a child-centered non-profit organization  established to prevent child sexual abuse and provide access to care,  information, protection and emergency intervention for children who  are sexually abused or at risk, and their family.The Foundation provides the ideal response to children through a  24-hour free child telephone helpline (08008008001) and its  child-friendly Child Advocacy Centre based in Lagos, which provides  free professional counselling, medical, legal and psycho-social  support, as well as referral services. The Foundation also conducts  prevention programs for adults to raise the awareness of sexual abuse,  and to educate adults on how to protect children from sexual abuse.

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