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The Most Essential Aspects Of Digital Marketing For A Nigerian Business


Digital Marketing has become a trend for many businesses in Nigeria. The increase in the population of people on the internet in Nigeria today has revolutionised the means by which businesses interact with their current and potential audiences.

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According to Nairametrics Digital reports 2021, Nigeria, with a population of 208.8 million citizens has 33 million people active on social media, which is just 15.8% of the nation’s population. However, the internet users amount to 104.4 million people which constitutes 47.7% of the total population.

Although the number of internet users may seem meagre in analysis, this percentage of people is a great force for market penetration, serving as a foundation for a much larger share.

Forbes article with respect to the relevance of digital marketing in business revealed that the success of the strategy is not based on pulling your resources on many aspects but on specifics.

Here are some elements of Digital Marketing that ensure a campaign’s success.

Social Media

Social media marketing implies the use of social media platforms to promote brands or goods and services. It involves posting attractive texts, images, videos, memes and other content forms to increase customer engagements. It is a subtle and less formal way for businesses to interact with current and potential customers. Nobody ever forgets a friendly brand, by using social media marketing to sell your brand, you let users feel much relaxed and confident about what your brand offers and stands for.

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Search Engine Optimization

In this current era of increased access to knowledge, many consumers are likely to throw themselves at getting information on the location of items needed. This action is most prominent in search engine results. It is one thing to create an interactive website but another aspect to get potential consumers to visit them. This is likely to be a possibility if your website is properly optimised. Optimising your website correctly will help the search engines identify what your site is all about, and how it relates to what the user is looking for

Email Marketing

Email marketing refers to the act of sending a commercial message through the use of emails to a group of people who may have granted prior consent. This group of people are referred to as subscribers. Email messages are sent with the purpose of enhancing the business relationships with current or previous customers to build loyalty, trust, and brand awareness.

According to marketing researches, over 65% of consumers are inclined to make a purchase by well-planned email campaign. It has also been revealed that the majority of emails opened today are opened via mobile device so be sure that all email-marketing efforts are mobile-ready.

Content Marketing

A digital marketing strategy revolves around the content; it is what gives a strategy the form it requires to hit the target. Poor content marketing tactics will lead to a failed strategy. Many companies run blogs or websites to keep customers in the loop of their major activities. By constantly updating websites, blogs and social media platforms, customers feel acknowledged by businesses and become very aware of its operations, philosophies and relevance to their needs.

Now you know that digital marketing does not have to be on the 360 angles. You can choose to concentrate on the major aspects highlighted above depending on the size of the business or the scope of the budget. An effective digital marketing campaign is based on casting more weight on what aspect best suits your business.

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