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The Skills Needed To Be A Hotshot In The Labour Market

Due to the swirls of technology, the Nigerian Labour market is fast undergoing revolutionary changes. The available organisations have begun to dance to the tunes of such changes and have reformed the basic requirement of certain jobs to suit the current trend.

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Most of these organisations have also made sweeping decisions in their various human resource department by including new skills to already set requirements. It is observed that a lot of these skills seem to be digitally centred.

Nigerians increase in the unemployment rate may not totally be owing to the indifferent nature of its government but to the lack of knowledge of the youths about great career prospects that may be of interest in this present age.

To solve these problems, here are some of the necessary skills to enable you to get employed in this tight labour market.


  • Graphic Design

Graphic design has become a widely fundamental skill in many establishments today. Businesses in Nigeria rely on visual communication to sell products or services both online and offline. In order to save the cost of advertising and promotions, they engage staff with knowledge in graphic design. It is a highly creative skill that involves building visual print or digital content for clients that communicates the brand’s message or story using appealing images, colours and fonts.

  • Writing

Writing is a basic skill that is universally required for all staff in virtually all organisations. Writing is how most ideas are presented for most organisations, particularly those in larger settings. The ability to write well helps to advertise your competence even at the interview level. Although many modern workplaces have become more casual regarding communication, writing helps to communicate the degree of professionalism you exude, Communication through email correspondences or other written exchanges remains important. Responses riddled with typos or confusing and improper grammar may cause co-workers or superiors to question your professionalism or attention to detail.

  • Speaking

Speaking is as vital as writing skills. Goals are achieved faster when communication is effective. It is required that all staff members in an organisation have a knowledge of the official and secondary languages peculiar to the location of the organisation. For example, a staff member of an organisation in Lagos should be very skilled in speaking in English and pidgin or Yoruba.

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  • Photography

Photography and graphic design almost go hand-in-hand. Many organisations have social media handles and will be interested in posting quality pictures on their platforms, some also engage in releasing publications and statements at intervals to keep clients or customers in the loop of their activities and results.

  • Programming

Computer programmers are highly sought after as the need for an internet presence and computer protection cannot be overemphasised. Most companies with websites and electronic dashboards are in extreme demand for experienced programmes that can help with processing and monitoring confidential data or build systems that protect official information from potential hackers.


  • Data Analysis

Research is a bedrock for success. Many organisations take data retrieved from research analysis very seriously. This is because the results of prior research inform their next course of action in the organisational decision-making process.

Having staff members with an in-depth knowledge of the skills needed to be a hotshot in the labour market becomes an added bonus for the management of such firms.

It is highly recommended that you learn at least two skills highlighted above to prepare you for the next application. Provided you are clueless on how and where to learn, you can go through free online training platforms available or make time to attend full-time courses and empowerment programmes aimed at increasing employability.

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