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Top 5 Digital Content Creation Tools

As an entrepreneur or an advertising team-lead, getting across to your target audience can be a daunting task at times. While some people may decide to spam customers with emails and upsetting ads, content marketing has proven to be a decent way of reaching out to potential clients.

Content marketing is essentially about communicating with customers in a way that adds value to them, without first throwing your product in their face. Content can be in form of blog posts, an infographic, video ads, gif, banners and so on.

Hence, providing high quality content will not only keep your current clientele glued to you, but will also attract others who might be in need of the services you offer.

So, here are 5 tools that will help you craft better content for your business.


If you’re looking to conduct a survey online, say no more, SurveyMonkey is your guy. The platform supports a wide range of topics and categories of surveys and also gives you templates you can work with. It also now includes a variety of new content types, including quizzes.

You can customize your survey to include your logo, theme, and whatever variation of questions formats you’d like to combine. They also give you a bank of popularly used questions to help spark inspiration.

You can access stats on scores, rankings, percentiles, and completion rates to ensure ROI on this content creation tool.


Infographics are a very intuitive and graphic way of communicating to your audience, and Venngage is a tool that will help craft info-graphics fast.

It supports a wide array of templates based on a variety of different layouts and constantly updated categories to suit your specific needs – statistical, geographic, timeline, and charts, and so on.


It is essential for your marketing content to be error free and flawless so that people can actually focus on the great content and not be distracted by misspellings and grammar jargons. Ginger helps with all the semantics of writing, dotting your ‘I’s and crossing your ‘t’s for you.


Wideo is a simple tool that helps you create amazing video animation that will help push your product forward while entertaining your audience. It’s ready-made templates and easy drag and drop interface, make Wideo a first choice for video ads.

HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator

HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator is a pretty handy tool that generates blog topics and titles that will sell your brand quickly to any reader. All you have to do is type in three keywords for the article you want to write and then it automatically generates topics around them which you can write on.

If you’ve ever run out of ideas on what to write, you’ll understand why you need HubSpot’s blog idea tool, especially since content marketing requires consistency in its delivery.


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