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Top SEO tools for small and budding businesses

SEO has been around for a while is very synonymous with present-day internet culture. It was a by-product of the search engine (hence the name search engine optimization) and has become one of the most important aspects in all of marketing. SEO tools thus enable marketers and content creators to tailor their products to meet customers’ needs in a measure that has become commonplace for many who work online.

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Like I have highlighted before, many who work online will have use for an SEO tool of some sort and may not necessarily have the money or presence of mind to pay for the services of one so herein, I have compiled a list and description of SEO tools which can be accessed for free:

  • Google Search Console: By using the Search Console you can ensure that your website is reachable via Google. You can then use the info to determine which contents or products are most successful on your website.
  • Google Analytics: This is the go-to tool as far as SEO is concerned. Google Analytics gives specific data on how your website is performing with specific data on page views, unique page views, how users are reaching your site as well as specific information on your audience (nationality, demographic and how they behave on your website).
  • SEM Rush: SEM Rush allows you to use analytic tools, social media stats and SEO pointers on your website. It provides competitor analytics as well as a keyword search feature and backlink analyses too.
  • Keyword Tools: Keyword research is probably the most prominent aspect of SEO and this tool allows you to search out keywords across key web platforms from Google to Fiverr so as to generate topics for content purposes.
  • MOZ Pro: Moz Pro is a complete SEO tool that covers that most bases you could possibly want to be covered with respect to SEO. The features on the site include a keyword explorer that allows you to explore targeted keywords, a site crawler that alerts you to any technical glitches on your platform that may be affecting searches.
  • SEOptimer: This is a free tool for SEO audit and website review. The algorithm therein analyses your website by checking the most on-page SEO factors. The website then remits a report that gives clear indications of SEO optimization tips that will guide your content strategy.
  • Yoast: Yoast is a free plug-in with respect to SEO that you can use on your WordPress site. Site owners get access to real-time content analytics and get tips accordingly to optimize their WordPress site.
  • Uber Suggest: Uber Suggest allows get real-time analytics on your Google searches to help you see how your website is doing on the search results. The plugin provides real-time data such as backlinks as well as search visits. More importantly, it is free.

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SEO is typically the kind of venture that requires deductive methods in analysis hence depends a lot on the discretion and initiative of the professional who you as a business owner puts in charge of the venture. Naturally, it has now become an area of specialization with digital strategy as a whole and as such a practitioner would be wise to pay attention to tools that would allow one to optimize performance thus. That does not mean that these tools are not useful to non-pros. As a business owner, even you can get a hang of SEO.


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