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Top Sites For Business Development Courses


Away from the position of a sales manager, Business development is fast rising in areas of business where it is concerned. Large tech organizations are in serious search of the inputs of a skilled business development executive.

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However, beyond the major sales functions, people find it difficult to specifically define the purpose of the career. Most times, this emerging job position has been referred to as “hustling” by startup folks – the vagueness in the description can be really confusing at a first impression. Nonetheless, this challenge has not barred a high number of Nigerian tech companies from seeking to get an executive on board.

Business development is the creation of long-term value for an organization, from customers, markets, and relationships. A business development executive is a person who is responsible for the growth of the business. The main job of the Business development executive is to find new targets and leads to promote the sales and services of the company or organization.

The business developer’s job revolves around good communication skills and observant qualities to identify sales leads, pitch goods or services to new clients and maintain a good working relationship with new contacts. Business development is not only a career but a skill every entrepreneur must possess.

One will need to sell something to earn, right? That’s where the line connects for both businessmen and business developers.

Are you considering adding business development to your skillsets? Or have you started but want to cover more ground by learning more about the field? Do you plan to introduce this area to your current team? Then you will need the services of tutors. You need not go too far, it is all online.

Here are the top sites that will help you through the decision.

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From Being in Debt, Here is How Udemy Has Grown into a Billion Dollar  Company


Udemy is an online platform that provides the opportunity for various instructors to build online courses on several topics within their knowledge and expertise. Tutors use presentation tools which include videos, PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, audio, ZIP files and live classes to create courses. Instructors can also engage and interact with users through online discussion boards integrated with the platform. The platform’s tutors cover areas ranging from business and entrepreneurship, academics, the arts, health and fitness, language, music, and technology.

Udemy has tutors with backgrounds from different countries. In fact, tutors can be given in over 160 languages covering just as many areas as possible. If you think language might be a barrier to understanding, you’ve got it all wrong here.


Free Online Classes | Skillshare

Unlike Udemy, Skillshare is more democratic about its tutors and students. It is described as a learning community where anyone can take an online class, watch video lessons, create projects, and even teach a class themselves. Skillshare isn’t all about tutoring, it also offers plans for businesses and teams. This means it is a great staff development tool for many employers.


Notícia - Udesc oferece plataforma de cursos online Coursera para alunos e  servidores


Coursera is an online tutorial platform that was pioneered by a couple of computer science professors from the prestigious Stanford University. Its founding history serves as a demonstration of its credibility. The learning platform offers over 3,000 courses in partnership with top-ranking universities and companies. While most courses are free, the cost of courses can range from $50 to hundreds of dollars depending on the chosen topic.

The sites are not listed according to importance, you can choose from any of the sites mentioned depending on your business structure, budget and the relevance of the business development skills to your business. However, its relevance is something you actually can’t do without where the tech business is concerned.

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