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Travel Tips: 4 Travel Tips You Probably Have Not Applied Lately


Every traveller has one or two tricks up their sleeve that they use when travelling to save time and effort. However, there are a few travel tips that do not readily come to mind, especially during the ongoing pandemic.

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Here are a few:

  • Visit Your Local Tourism Office

In Nigeria, we have the federal ministry of culture, tourism and national orientation. Visiting any of their offices in your state or at the destination you are going to can teach you more about the tourism landscape of Nigeria. These officers are in direct contact with lots of potential tourist centres and guides/agencies. You can get adequate resources on where to go in the town you are visiting, special events in that area, who to contact for assistance and more.

  • Keep Your Hands To Yourself

Since we are still in a pandemic, it is wise to keep your hands to yourself. Use your sanitiser and avoid handshakes if possible. But most important than a pandemic, is the fact that if you fall sick in a ‘foreign’ land, medical expenses will pile up. And we all know hands easily transferred germs into the body’s orifices. So keeping your hands to yourself is invaluable to prevent you from touching something and infecting yourself with it.

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  • Read!

When I say read, I’m not referring to the reading during your trip to stay occupied while travelling. I mean, read up on the destination you are going to. Learn its history. Find out about places in that city or state from online blogs or news agency. Familiarise yourself with maps and the names of popular destinations in the region. That way, you can understand the distances between tourist destinations you wish to visit and better understand the locals when they describe places for you. For instance, you intend to visit Imo state. Reading up on all that concerns that state will better help you appreciate the artefacts or information given to you in a place like Mbari art & Culture/Museum Kitchen.

  • Be Responsible

Being a responsible traveller means not only do you have to keep yourself safe but keeping others safe and being ‘green’ conscious. COVID Travel requirements vary from place to place, so ensure you update yourself on the best practice. Once you have tested positive for COVID-19, quarantine yourself; if negative, continue to respect all the safety guidelines to keep you and everyone around you safe.

Limit your use of plastics, tidy up after yourself when visiting a tourist destination, visit less popular destinations to reduce the strain on popular destinations. Go local (don’t travel too far from home), it’ll reduce your risk of exposure to infected persons. Also, not travelling too far from home helps to reduce carbon emissions as more vehicular movements’ means more air pollution. So rather than travel out, find places around you within Nigeria that offer similar pleasures that you seek, e.g. food tours or adventures.

If you noticed, most of these tips are best carried out before you actually travel. If you prepare well in advance, you will have an enjoyable trip.

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