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Travel Tips: Have You Heard About These Travel Tips?


What do you need to know to ensure you make the most of your travel experience? Sure there are many tips out there to make you feel you’re experiencing information overload.

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But have you heard of these travel tips below:

  1. Plan With Refundable Options

The hardest part of tourism last year was the lockdowns. People had made non-refundable reservations and travel plans. A few were lucky to have their packages postponed to a later date, others not so much. This made the need to plan with refundable options a necessity. If you are travelling with a tour operator, ask if they have a refundable plan. If you are travelling alone, book hotels, airline tickets or get rentals with cancellation policies. This ensures you don’t lose out financially if something unpredictable happens after you’ve made down payments.

  1. Create A Packing List

Sometimes packing for a trip can be mentally tasking. Remembering to pack the essentials and items unique to the trip you intend to travel for can be a hassle. That’s why having a packing list makes this process easier. Here you can write your basic must-haves; it’ll take the mental load off you and free your mind to focus on the unique things you need to pack.

  1. Travel Slower

Rather than focus on fast-paced tourist activities that can put your health at risk by exposing you to crowds during this pandemic, focus on cultural tourism. Don’t travel to a city like Lagos, Abuja or Port Harcourt and get so caught up in all the tourist attractions that you miss the small-time cook at the street corner.

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Immerse yourself into the way of life of the locals. Buy the street food, observe the northerners selling wristwatches on the sidewalks in the south, learn the language, etc. Embrace the non-flashy bits of that city at a slower pace than the usual tourists.

  1. Be Prepared

If you choose to travel during the peak season of high influx, be ready to meet with crowded tourists attractions. To avoid the rush/crowd, book early and show up early. When visiting your chosen tour destination, go as soon as they open. If you wait till midday, chances are that other tourists will show up then and you’ll miss the exclusivity of being there. And if you book early for flights, hotels, tours and more, you might get extra discount or flexible options.

You can also plan to visit those popular places in the off-season period. Off-seasons vary according to the places you intend to visit. For instance, people visit the National Parks during the dry season where all the animals assemble at the watering hole.

Since the dry season is the peak seasons and it’s usually expensive, some people prefer to visit during the rainy season. Things like access fees, hotel rates and flight tickets are usually cheaper during off-seasons. There is also the advantage of having fewer people at these popular destinations. Make your choice and be prepared to deal with the consequences of those choices.

We hope these have been helpful. We have lots of helpful travel tips in previous articles. Endeavour to go through them as well.

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