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Travel Tips: Have You Tried These Money-Saving Air Travel Hacks?


Looking to navigate travelling by air like a pro? Then you need to consider these three air travel hacks listed below:

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  1. Airline Rewards

Most Nigerians don’t know that airlines have rewards for their loyal customers. You can sign up to join an airline’s club or frequent flyer program to learn how to trade earned points or miles for discounts. Once the airline knows you are a frequent flyer or someone who pays more within the program, you qualify for upgrades and discounts. If, for any reason, the airline asks you to give up your seat and take the next flight, don’t grumble. Do it with a smile on your face because you are creating an opportunity to be rewarded by the airline. You may end up with an option to fly first class on the next flight, or they may give you travel certificates, meal vouchers or hotel accommodation for your sacrifice.

  1. Duty-Free Kpalava

Shopping at the airport is more expensive than you know. Especially those airports with duty-free products. Sure the lady selling books at our local airports may have better deals compared with driving from shop to shop to find what you want. But the duty-free shopping area is not on the same level. Don’t be fooled by all the 50% offer discounts, the original price was probably inflated, anyway. To confirm, check the price of those items online from stores like Jumia, Amazon, Konga, etc. Duty-free shops are found in foreign airports oftentimes. The temptation sometimes comes from remembering you have bought no gifts for your friends, as promised when you left the country. If you want to get a souvenir from someone, do so from the local market before or after you use the airport.

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  1. Bring Your Own Food To The Airport Or Plane

Do you know that long wait at the airport between arriving, check-in and boarding? You might get hungry if you forgot to eat at home because you were in a hurry to avoid arriving late for your flight. Food at the airport is expensive. To save a few bucks, bring your own food with you to the airport. This works if you are travelling with picky eaters and you do not know what the onboard menu is or if your family would like it. There is no rule that says you can’t bring food with you into the airport or in your hand luggage on the aeroplane. Thank God we have sachet food in Nigeria. You can take your water bottle with a bit of Garri or golden morn, milk and sugar. Or snacks like meat pie and a drink poured into your water bottle on board. Even if there is, you can eat it before boarding your flight.

The summary of this article is, plan well before you travel. It’ll help you avoid spending more money than you planned. If you do all your shopping before you get to the airport, everything at the airport will just be the eye candy you won’t need to touch. It’s when you don’t park properly or think of souvenirs when you are out and about, that you will hastily buy expensive things at the airport.

If you didn’t know these hacks, now you know. But if this isn’t new to you, then pray, tell which you have practised and let us know any other hacks we may have missed.

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